7 teller signs to know if you belong to the African ‘middle income class’

African middle income class

How do you know if you belong to the African ‘middle income class’?

We in Africa have our own definition of the middle income class. It is no wonder that most of the foreign investors that came to Africa on the premise of a growing middle class have closed base. They have not only run bankrupt, but have also run back to where they came from. There are only a few that have come to learn of our kind of middle class, and have continued operating business (within the means of our growing middle income class).

But what is it like to be a middle class African, or what would it take to label oneself a middle class African.  If you possess a couple of the following attributes, you automatically fall under the definition of the African middle class.

Earn a monthly equivalent of at least 1000 USD. This is one of the basic characteristics that automatically puts you in the category of the top 30% (at least in most African nations). Your income is a determinant surely.

Own a car that you drive to work every day. In this case, it doesn’t matter the type of car that you own. All you have to do is to own one and be able to maintain it throughout. The moment you start taking the bus, you drop in category. You have to go with this car as you meet your friends at the biggest shopping centres or at parties over the weekend.

Live in one of the posh suburbs of the city. Even in this case, it doesn’t matter whether you own the apartment you live in, or it’s just rented. The neighbourhood must be that of individuals with similar lifestyles. If you happen to own the house in this posh suburb, then that elevates you to beyond middle class.

Own a couple of trending devices. For starters, the segway is not yet a trending item for this category. We shall for now leave it for the middle class celebrities – just for show! Anyway, as long as you have your Smartphone (and may be a second small phone for regular calls), a laptop, or any electronic device that you can comfortably put out for display in public, you are good to go.

A well furnished home. Whether rented or owned, your home must have some of the latest gadgets, including a flat TV screen (connected to satellite TV), exotic sofas, audio systems, and that ‘Apple refrigerator’ in the corner (stocked with foods and drinks).

One’s outside appearance. This includes one’s daily attire while going to work, or what they put on when attending a colleague’s wedding. How often one changes wardrobe will determine whether they belong to the middle class or not. What brands they wear may also be put into light.

Workplace or Belonging to a corporate setting. Where one works (whether they own the business or not) clearly determines whether they belong to this category or not. If you happen to be employed by one of the most sought after company in your country, you are in business already. To make it even more interesting, having a business card with your name and position at company clearly printed on is extra bonus.

Those attributes should be enough for you to tell if you belong to the African middle income class or not. If you feel left out, you may have to list yours in the comments section.

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