A Future We All Envisage

a future we all envisage

There is one thing that all humanity is capable of, or should I say there is one that keeps everyone doing what they do. For some, they can do whatever is necessary to keep believing that, that things will either stay the same or get better/worse depending on one’s perspective. What we all can’t deny is that, HOPE can either make us or break us. Of what use would anything you do be, if it won’t help you tomorrow? What do you envisage tomorrow?

Without hoping for a tomorrow, we lose interest in whatever we are doing. All our efforts often get diverted to ensuring that there is a tomorrow, and this occurs instinctively! Tomorrow is the future we envisage. It is the future we have pictured in our heads and we want it to work out. It is our imagination of how things shall be tomorrow. In reality, tomorrow is not assured for anyone. You may desire it, picture it in all different forms of how you want it to be, or do anything that makes you think that it shall show up for you, and it may never show up! That’s one thing we all struggle so much not to accept in our lives; and when it happens, and it will, there is nothing you can do about it.

Just sitting there and picturing the future you want, won’t make it happen tomorrow. Even doing and contributing efforts to your tomorrow won’t make it assured. But does that stop you from imagining it, or planning towards it, or saving for it? NO! That’s what makes the difference. We must attain a balance, between today and the tomorrow we envisage. We must stop being selfish; we must look beyond a tomorrow for ourselves only. We must envisage a future for all; leaving no one out of it. At least, that’s not our choice to make – to deny anyone a tomorrow! To deny anyone hope! Let’s leave that role to the invisible hand!

Despite knowing that tomorrow is not assured, we cannot stop hoping for it, or doing whatever we can to see it happen. So, don’t stop doing good for others or helping others see their future tomorrow. In whatever way you can, continue sowing hope and stay rest assured that all you shall reap is HOPE.

The future we envisage for us all is one of getting better. We look forward to a malaria-free world, or an HIV-free generation, or one where everyone has access to the basic needs of life. We envisage a future of oneness, of justice, freedom, equality and above all, a future where we keep having hope! When you look at the current state of world affairs, we are far from this future; nonetheless, we shall continue working towards it. There are so many individuals/groups working towards the same, and if we can only get beyond our selfish nature, then we can achieve that future tomorrow.

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