A leap of Faith; Why it doesn’t work for YOU

Have faith before you take that leap

So, you have heard that for most desires and attempts, you need to take a leap of faith; and probably you have tried it so many times and are still wondering why it is leading you nowhere? It is most likely that you have been doing it the wrong way – there was no FAITH in your LEAP! Most people who have attempted to take a leap of faith, forget to add FAITH to it. This missing point is only because of your FEAR! Yes, you are doubtful of your intentions, plans or whatever you are after or want to achieve. You are not sure whether you want to get that one thing you claim to desire most. Besides, deep inside you, you don’t even believe you can achieve it. If any of the above describes how you feel about anything you want to achieve, then FAITH is missing even just before you take that leap forward. Let’s say you are on the starting line for a 100m sprint, and you already feel that the opponent on your left is better prepared than you are, and that there is no way you can win that race; of what use would it be to even attempt to sprint, given that you have already settled for less than first place before the gun sounds! For this kind of person, it won’t matter how big their strides are, the WINNING FAITH is initially missing! It is that simple. Unless you are ready to settle for second best, I wouldn’t advise you to move a foot forward. This applies to everything you are about to do; that exam, job interview, business, or whatever thing you plan on acing.

So, the next time you even think about doing something, dismiss any slight thoughts that try to convince you that you can’t! Be ready to have/add the missing link – FAITH IN YOURSELF. Adding that simply implies that you start believing in the things you do or want to do; you start believing in them and you go after them as if there is there is nothing that’s going to stop you from achieving them! Period! You stop having doubts, just by adding FAITH to that LEAP you are about to take. After a few wins, having a leap of FAITH shall come naturally, but for starters ( situation where you haven’t started winning), you need to develop the FAITH from scratch!

See you in the arena!

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