An Article of Life Questions, Motives

Article of Life Questions, and Motives.

…let’s assume that you have just found yourself reading this, and that along the way other readers are giving you instructions of how to read this article. They too, years ago just found themselves reading this article. No one seems to have a clue of the starting point and no one seems to know how long the article is. Everyone comes along, reads their part of the article, and then leaves the scene. Everyone starts from a new paragraph, and no one knows for sure how much of the article of life they shall read. … and such is LIFE! Probably as you read this, someone is breathing their last and another is just starting a new paragraph; and it has been like that for as long as each of us remembers. Anyway, all that was a reminder to each of us currently still reading this article called life. It is a reminder that no matter what you do, you can’t have it all forever. You shall soon come to your last full stop, and that shall be the end of your article. And if you really understand what any of this means, you would take a look back and see how you have been living your life. It’s a reminder to myself too! It is a pity to live in this world of plenty amidst so little; it’s a paradox. It’s about cause and effect; your actions shall cause something to happen, and the rule is that simple. Positive actions shall cause positive effects. So, what kind of actions are you sowing? Don’t answer that, it’s for you to ponder upon when you think about your life.

History has taught us that there have been great men, men who have contributed to this great society. It has also taught us about men who have made this world hell for others. And it is so easy to distinguish between the two, and to know who of the two kinds of men is held in high regard. They both serve as examples to us and the future generations to come. Great men who have served us will always be cherished and will continue to inspire many of us to continue to do the little good we can in our present society. Meanwhile those men who terrorized humanity, and are no more, should serve as reminders that eventually it all comes to an end.

In order to create a resilient society, we must be willing to make present sacrifices and reap benefits in future. The tree you for example plant today may not necessarily benefit you directly tomorrow, but will surely be useful to your child in future. It is sad that this is not being done, and so many other helpful things that can be done but are not being done. Anyway, enough of the talk, I better go and start planning my actions for a better tomorrow. And for you, stay rest assured that whatever much you are piling up for yourself, you won’t be here long enough to enjoy it forever! So, think about the whole idea wisely…

An article of Life, to question our daily actions!

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