Anonymous Series: The Sugar-Leaf Analogy

I am no fan of anything other than the immense beauty of all that exists in the universe. I am someone who believes in the beauty of every detail. The beauty of how fast or quickly you read this text, or of how everything makes sense to you with so much ease. Now, sit back and relax, take a moment to appreciate whatever is in your immediate surroundings. Look and focus to a smaller detail, anything, see how it is, and carefully try to understand it, and how it comes to exist. Look at it and see the life in it. Imagine it’s talking back to you; imagine it knows exactly what you are thinking and what you plan to do during that staring contest. If you actually look deeper you shall realize that in everything lies life, life that has been passed on in a different form. There is history; there is knowledge of the past and what once was.  You probably now wish if only it could talk back, and tell all the stories of its life! But again you wonder if anybody would believe such a story! The tellers of such stories end up being labeled several names, none of which ever falls short of the definition of insanity. Such is our world, infinite indeed!

I grew up on this small blue dot, in a place synonymous with failure, poverty, war, and declining standards of living. If it were not for these conditions and of my dire need to evolve, and not seek to be something lifeless, I would still be in the same place. Back to you; you have probably been looking at that smallest detail long enough by now. It seems to stand still and not say back a single word to you. And probably until now you have not desired or wished that you were that small detail. You have not wished that you were just a piece of leaf that has fallen off the tree, or that you are not that grain of sugar that has slipped off the heap of a spoonful at someone’s breakfast. If you were, you would probably now be seated on that dining table and be sure that soon someone shall wipe you off with a wet towel and get you bruised or dissolved in wetness.

Well, for me, sometimes I wish I were that leaf, deep down in the forests of the Amazon. I would probably be still on the ground and hope that soon the rains shall come and wash me away or the winds shall blow and take me with them. But too bad I am neither of those, nor am I any of whatever smallest detail you were looking at or imagining. I am a son of man, born with life and in full control of a bigger part of myself. I wake up every day and make a decision to get out of bed, with a desire to see myself in a better place. Some days I wake up earlier than usual, to go out and seek what the world has promised is mine. On some days I am so lazy, I hate myself on hearing the sound of the alarm; I just quickly switch it off and once again wish I were that grain of sugar at the table or that leaf that has fallen to the ground in the deep forests of the Amazon. Most of the days are great; I wake up just before my alarm, and oftentimes stare at it as my waking time approaches. Words of `you are late today` quickly come out of my mouth the moment my favourite alarm tune gets played. This moment is always a reminder that I am not just a lifeless detail of the universe whose life is in the past; I am a bigger detail living in the present and wanting my story to be different. That’s why I try to beat my alarm clock to the time, that’s why I enjoy these moments of winning my morning every day. I have done this for the past several years, most of which were when I was a student. I am a student no more, but still follow the same routine. It has been engrained in me that once the alarm goes off, it`s time to go seek a better tomorrow. As you can tell, I have been doing this for quite some time now. It is not that a better tomorrow has not yet come, but rather the journey to it is so enjoyable that I would rather I don’t get to the tomorrow so quickly. And yet every day, with my daily efforts, I see myself getting to the tomorrow which seemed very far away a few years ago. It now all seems to get so clear and yet still look so far away. It is as though, every time I come near my tomorrow, it keeps shifting farther away. It is natural that once the better tomorrow comes, we set and look forward to another better tomorrow. Man always instinctively desires to get a step higher than his current one. It is for this exact reason that we see the great technological advancements of the 21st century. It is all because we previously set up limits and achieved them, and have gone ahead to set higher ones and those too shall soon be toppled; and since the sky is the limit, and we live in an infinite universe, the desire to be that grain of sugar or that still leaf on the ground is quickly forgotten. We truly want to get from one step to another and want this to happen by our own efforts. That’s why we continue striving every day, and we shall continue doing so, until that time when fate determines that our life too shall become a story engulfed in a still body – just like that grain of sugar or leaf. Until then, we shall struggle and exert our all, irrespective of the failures we encounter, because it is only us who shall know and write our true story.

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  • Leah

    Awesome nga bulijjo! I want to be a grain of salt 🙂

  • Admin

    Thanks Leah! A grain of salt indeed. Good luck on that …