Are you Krazy enough not to be Afraid of this?

That one single and krazy idea you keep flashing off as impossible or something you can’t imagine yourself doing. Or let’s say that something you don’t want your friends to see you doing or even starting! It can even be that one thing your parents never wanted you to do ever again after they found you the first time. It is this same thing that continuously pops into your mind, probably seeking an audience, and yet you quickly brush it off like it’s the worst thing that can happen. Sometimes you even fight so hard to keep it out of your mind. You even decide to throw away everything that reminds you of it.  Time passes and soon creates a moment of forgetfulness of the things we once cherished, or the things we felt we owned or desired with so much passion. We are now trying so hard to bury ourselves in totally different things, things that are done for the sake of, and not necessarily out of passion. Some people do it for survival’s sake, or just to earn a living and try to fit in.

All this time of trying to fit in, of trying so much to hide away from your calling, you do your best! But like any great idea, it always pops up, for example when the day is done and you go back to the comfort of your privacy only to realise that the one thing you deserted is what keeps eating up your mind. But now you are big (read older), and probably aren’t afraid of any kind of punishment from your parents for not doing your homework and instead engaging in something completely insane – according to them. You now have authority over yourself, except that demanding nine-to-five job. Out of the blue, you find yourself editing your resignation letter and wondering how to clearly state why you are leaving without sounding so krazy. I mean, how do you tell your boss (read employer) that you have this childhood dream that has continuously taken up your time, and that you feel an overwhelming desire to pursue it against all odds. How do you tell them that your life and happiness depends on it? So you quickly rubbish that first draft and write a ‘sober’ one, where you clearly state that you’ve got to go take care of your family business. Anything to do with the family’s well-being shall be acceptable at this level.

Days after handing in your resignation, you realise that your idea was just overrated in your head, and probably indeed krazy! You also realise that challenging times are up ahead, but of course it’s too late to go and ask for your job back. Besides, you couldn’t have collapsed the family business in a few days! So going back is out of the question. It’s now time to embark wholeheartedly to your idea; it’s now time to spend all the efforts on something you are passionate about. The journey now begins. You need to expand your thinking, because your whole life depends on this idea. At this point you learn that your idea is as big as you think it to be, and that it is all a child of your brain, and that you can make it as big as you desire. You also learn that you must be careful, else you ruin everything. What used to be done in the confines of your room is now public. You make your first social appearance with your ‘krazy’ idea, and a few people seem to believe you. Others are still skeptical, and actually give you second doubts. The few who believe  you motivate you work and think harder to make the rest believe in your idea too. You start getting a growing fellowship/membership/customers/believers, call it whichever term best describes the size of your idea or following. You are now happier that you do something you have the passion for, and that it is contributing to society in one way or another, and also probably that you can earn a living out of it.

It wasn’t too hard, was it?

Now let’s go back to the first paragraph, and start from …. You even decide to throw away everything….just to earn a living and try to fit in.

Maybe it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, but when it does, come back and leave a comment here, or share with others.

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