The Beauty in Life Experiences and how to make them count

Life experiences

Let’s just pause for a moment and think of life experiences this way; you wake up one morning and you are up for a new day, a day during which you surely don’t know what’s going to happen in the next moment. You live through this day and witness things becoming things, you witness stories being made (call it history). In the midst of it all, it is as though your contribution to it all is nothing. Your interaction with the whole system is so small, that you feel you have no impact, and yet in reality, this whole thing you are witnessing is existing because of YOU! It is all existing for YOU.

Life experiences

What is happening around you are all life experiences meant for you to learn something. Pick a lesson

That everything you see or experience is meant to drive you towards ‘something’. It is meant to shape you into ‘someone’ you currently aren’t. That even your saddest moments are preparing you for ‘something bigger’. It is probably difficult to imagine that for now, but here is a clue to this kind of thinking. Look back how far you’ve come. Try and trace every step along the way. Somewhere you shall start to understand why certain things happened the way they did. Some of them have shaped you into someone stronger or more resilient. They say that a difficult past tends to shape us into tougher people that we are today, and probably that’s the mother to the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.  Probably your dots are connecting …

Life experiences

There is a lot more to life than what lies in your comfort circles

Of course this is not always true, as you can already tell that some people die in the process of becoming stronger. But hey, you are still here! And this article could be leading you into a new you, destined for something else. It could be leading you to a newer revelation of what else there is about life. If you have been on a job hunt, you soon realise that work experience is required for certain types of jobs. What it basically means is that, you have been through lots of moulds that have prepared you for your next job. Question is: Did you look at it this way years ago? Did you gather all that experience for this new job that requires it? It seems like a coincidence, but it’s not!

At the end of the day, all the dots should connect. Nothing is irrelevant, and it’s up to each of us to find what deeper and positive meaning to get out of every life experience. Certain life experiences are going to throw you in the dark; they are going to make you hate life; they are going to feel like tests, and oftentimes we shall curse why we are in that situation. While going through it, we learn so much. We may learn to be more compassionate, or to love more, or to give more, or several other useful skills. It’s all up to each of us to see the silver lining, and capitalise on that. Let the lessons give us hope while we go through the varied life experiences.

life experiences

Give it some thought and choose the kind of experiences you want to be part of.

Some people choose what they want to get out of life; others let life decide it for them. They choose to live life as it comes at them, seizing every opportunity that comes in their way. For those who go after what they want, they never stop until they have acquired it. For the others that let life decide it for them, they never know what exactly is in it for them. Who of the two are you? You must ask yourself that, at least at some point in your life, otherwise the default settings are that life chooses for you what you become. And what if that’s not what you like? What if life pushes you towards becoming a doctor and it’s not what you want? Can you say NO to life? Can you instead choose to become a writer? Or an engineer, or an artist?  Is it okay to say no? Is it okay to refuse to settle for less than what your heart desires?

Well, guess what? You don’t need anyone’s permission to go after something else.  Go gather your desired life experiences, as long as you have a choice.

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  • Joseph Batte

    A struggle always continues, knowing what to hold on from your past to prepare for a future, and what one’s true desire is… hope some day we shall find out

  • It appears there is only way to find out … by using the building blocks from our past in one way or another. Our true desires should help us to pile which block where. Either way, whether we are right or wrong, we shall know … hopefully