BodyOut Count Challenges

BodyOut Count Challenges

This is the first shared message of the New Year, by Joseph Batte.

Half-way through the first month of 2016, and it feels like I am taking on more than I can handle. There is always a lot that needs to be done, but I always try my best to not cancel my exercise scheduled for the day. Yes, I know, we have all heard it all: “exercise is good for you”. Much as it has been said over many times, it becomes a bit monotonous and as a result many ignore it. I will have to admit, I enjoy exercising and the “thrill” that comes from it. For over the past six years, I have kept a fairly constant workout schedule, in conjunction with school, work, friends, community services and learning other activities that I come across. Many tend to be discouraged by the resulting soreness and lack of time. Soreness can be dealt with mainly by good stretching and joint rotations. Not only does exercising keep me awake (after depriving myself of sleep – which is a bad idea), but I can say for sure, it has been like seven years since I last visited a physician with an illness. Sure, I do check in at the hospital once in a while, to make sure that I am not living a delusional life of “all is well”, but to ensure that indeed, all is well.

As some may say that exercising is hard, and yet it is my hobby, I decided to start up a YouTube Channel called BodyOut Count Challenges, on which I post workout challenges and encourage others to take part and let me know, how they do. I also add on another video containing tips and different ways as to how various exercises can be done. I have learnt all that I share both formally and informally over the years, and I also hope to learn more from those that take part in these challenges. I also try to clarify some common misconceptions on some of the exercises that I do post, mainly based on experience and a broad study of the human anatomy and physiology. I incorporate different exercises aiming at endurance, strength and of course flexibility (yoga). I prefer to live by example, and I hope that as others watch the video challenges that I post, they get motivated and be like “yes, I can do that too”. Let us all live healthy this new year, by challenging ourselves into keeping a fairly regular workout schedule.

Exercise challenges for you can be found at BodyOut Count challenges YouTube channel 
You could also visit the Facebook Page to learn more of what there is to offer.
And a feedback or any question from you will be welcome. You need to believe in yourself first, before anyone else can.

Great Thanks to Resilience Beyond, for the inspiration and motivation, I am reminded that I am not a lone, and most importantly, that I can become better than who I was, the day before.

By Joseph Batte

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