Financial Resilience For the Tomorrow We Envisage

Achieving financial resilience

Financial resilience for the tomorrow we envisage. The goal of most people is simple: get money, and enough of it such that you are never out of money! This way, one hopes they can be able to afford almost anything they desire. To be able to reach a level of financial oblivion, one needs to exercise the necessary financial resilience […]

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Kaizen Vs Tweaking

If you are to ever take anything to live-by for the rest of your life, then you should take the ‘Kaizen principle’, period!  I repeat, choose to follow the Kaizen principle. Well it is largely categorised as a business principle or philosophy, but those who do so ignore the underlying motivation of why it was initially applied to business settings. […]

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First World Problems that question what we really want

For most of the average individuals that I know, the biggest challenge faced is not that of absence, but rather of availability of more than one option. I always prefer to classify this challenge as a `first world problem`! A problem whose best example is that of this individual, stressed about which of his/her devices (mobile phone, tablet, and laptop) […]

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