Mother Nature is not GOD and our sins can’t go completely unpunished

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is not GOD and our sins can’t go completely unpunished; in the same way, our efforts cannot go unrewarded! Newton’s law clearly states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and this a true law of Nature. Unfortunately, many of us are inclined to believe otherwise when it comes to some matters in our […]

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Emojis: What your most Frequently used Emojis Tell about your Life and chat-mates

my daily emojis

Do the emojis we use really reflect how we feel?  Our daily lives involve interactions with different people on a daily basis. In most cases, we have a circle of individuals with whom we frequently interact. And with the advent of social media and text messaging, most of these interactions take place online. Social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, […]

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Complex and yet SIMPLE

It is easy to have a plan and execute it, but, it is much harder to have the right plan at the right time and to execute it at the right time, in the right place and among the right people and especially when all the conditions are right. It is the same as being angry at someone; it much […]

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Anonymous Series: The Sugar-Leaf Analogy

I am no fan of anything other than the immense beauty of all that exists in the universe. I am someone who believes in the beauty of every detail. The beauty of how fast or quickly you read this text, or of how everything makes sense to you with so much ease. Now, sit back and relax, take a moment […]

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Can we Edit a BLANK PAGE?

A blank page is necessary to start any edits

The art of starting from scratch to finally having something presentable is something that’s developed with time. For writers, one can spend a whole day, a week or even a year, staring at a blank page, with nothing to put down. Meanwhile for students who have assignments to complete, it’s a completely different story as you cannot afford to stare […]

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