Closest Neighbours and Friends determine your Life

Closest neighbours and friends

Life divides us into these two brackets and yet at the same time opens up possibilities to spring from one side to the other. Our closest neighbours and friends play a big role. Look at these two scenarios.

It’s amazing how you wake up one day, feeling so healthy and so normal, and having had a good night sleep. It is wonderful how everything starts to fill in; how you rush to take that warm shower, or how you slide into that bathtub that you wouldn’t want to leave for anything. It’s all amazing! It’s Interesting how you wrap yourself up and go have your best breakfast at one of the most exquisite dining tables in one of your well-decorated rooms in your so many-bedroomed mansion. It is nice how you slide on your well-tailored dress or designer suit, and soon get into the driver’s seat in one of the newest models of your dream car. You then head out to spend a day at your corner office with an amazing view. For this kind of individual, just be thankful for everything, including your closest neighbours and friends.

At the same time, someone somewhere in the world is equally waking up, probably two or three hours earlier than you. They have barely slept for four hours, and have woken up with body aches, probably a result of sleeping in uncomfortable conditions. They are rushing into a nearby 24-hour convenience store’s restrooms, to clean up and get ready for the day. They have to leave their ‘beds’ early because the cleaners will show up soon to clean in front of the street shops. This individual has to get on their feet earlier than anyone else. They need to start thinking about how to survive through the day. Their office is dusty, noisy, and full of inconveniences. It is the street, or the untrodden corners of the city. Should this person too thank their closest neighbours and friends?

This second person has been pushed into this life by circumstances, by probably some poor decisions they made in the past. This individual is probably this way because of someone else’s decisions. Maybe they were cheated, or abandoned, or denied the necessary basics. Maybe they were wrong at some point in their lives. This person is struggling every day in their lives, trying hard to elevate themselves from their current circumstances. Maybe they can make it, maybe they can’t! They are living every day as it comes; they don’t have any assurance of tomorrow. But tomorrow somehow manages to come and they live to see another day. That’s their story every day. They have probably lost all hope. Some will at this stage want to opt out; others will choose to find a way of forgetting all about it. Only a few will have HOPE that they can surmount their current situation and start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. These few are the real MVPs; they are the only ones who give hope to the other two sets, and this is when this hopeless individual should thank their closest neighbours and friends – the homeless man turned rich.

People will hear of so many examples so many times, any arbitrary example will cause an impact, but not one as great as one that’s from within their neighbourhood. If one of your own or your kind is able to go past an obstacle that has been challenging you all as a group, then they will inspire others of the same group to do the same. The challenge then becomes ‘do-able’. What was impossible then becomes possible. People start making bigger strides. The motivation is now great because they now know it can be done. If I’m living in some rural place deep down in my rural and dilapidated village setting in China, and I hear of some city guy in Tokyo who has risen from nothing and turned their life into an empire, it may not sound exciting or motivating. However, if I wake up and realise that Jack Ma, who I was roaming the village with, or who I was running around with while shouting at passing tourists in the 1980s is on top of the eCommerce industry, then the world should wait for another giant! This is where the difference comes in; I would believe that Jack Ma and I are no different, and that if he can do it, I can do it too! Believing this would set me on a new path. My village would be bound to see a new me, full of capabilities and self-belief.

If one of my street buddies can manage to pull themselves out of the misery we are currently immersed in, and rise to something greater; then that would be the only example necessary to catalyse a sense of self-belief among others. They would re-gain their lost hope and start to want to be like their successful colleague.   The success of our closest neighbours and friends is bound to drive similar impact in us that we shall rise to be like them. It is thus wise to know who your closest neighbours and friends are, for they shall determine how far you go in life.

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