Complex and yet SIMPLE

It is easy to have a plan and execute it, but, it is much harder to have the right plan at the right time and to execute it at the right time, in the right place and among the right people and especially when all the conditions are right. It is the same as being angry at someone; it much harder to be angry at the right person and for the right reasons and with the right intensity, and at the point when your anger would cause the right impact! Such is the complexity of the universe and all our systems. The world is so detailed, and yet the controlling factors lie in the detail at the smallest level. Our current technologists have understood this concept and are investigating all scientific concepts from the smallest level of detail. They know that all behaviours and characteristics are influenced largely by the smallest make-up of everything that exists in the universe – that’s the smallest unit of energy. Not so long ago we learnt of the existence of atoms and now we are looking into the atom shell, looking at the components in the nucleus! We have also learnt that, to be able to achieve anything, we must start from the smaller bits; we must contribute smaller efforts in the right direction every day until that point when it all accumulates into something big enough to become equal to what we desire. It’s the path we all have to take! It is the path of achievement. No one gets it all at once, we start from the basics. Take an example of your life, you are now this big, and yet a couple of years back you were just a little child, this child too was just a baby, the baby too was just an embryo, and the embryo too was just a cell. That’s how we all develop; we start from the smaller bits and become greater individuals. Every process follows the same trend!

So, if your goal is wealth accumulation for example, then start by saving that one penny; if your goal is being happy, then start by finding happiness in the tiniest of details. Whatever it is, you must grow into something you truly believe in; and nature is no fool, it knows who is and who isn’t ready for growth. Even those who wake up in great wealth, for as long as they are not ready for it, they shall lose it all soon! Take an example of those who win lotteries, oftentimes they are least prepared for such great amounts of money, and if they cannot prepare their mind for what they have gotten into, they soon lose it all too! As you grow into anything, you learn all the corners of how it works and you get to understand all its setbacks and all the details how it works. You appreciate the efforts necessary to get you where you have reached, and above all, you appreciate what you have achieved thus far.

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