Creating a life philosophy

When creating a life philosophy in a world where a lot is taking place, it’s just careless to assume that certain things will never happen. It would be flippant of someone, if they choose to establish their life on sloppy theories that could be toppled any time soon. One characteristic of successful individuals is that, as they grow up and gain several life experiences, plus an avalanche of information consumption along the way, they always tend to cultivate a philosophy about life – of their own. On this single philosophy is rooted their success (whichever definition of success you choose to apply is Okay!). This philosophy is something that has been a part and parcel of their life and has endured the test of time and they are always confident that, even when the unexpected shows up, they won’t be shaken. Even when shaken, they won’t be brought down. A life philosophy is like your patented way of living. It is something you develop by yourself after several trials of what works and what doesn’t. And once you get it all figured out, all your life starts fitting into that one thing that you fully believe works for you! Every activity of your life, every engagement, and every thought starts to revolve around this idea of how you think life should be. It is thus important that as you create your life philosophy (call it something you believe in or how you craft everything in your life), you take full consideration of all that’s around you and whether you shall be comfortable doing or sharing it among others. It’s what brands, and what people associate with you.

The majority of individuals who have managed to develop their own philosophies of life tend to be above 35 years. This of course is no rule to achieve this. It is just we are blinded in following the ‘one shoe fits all rule’, and are trying so hard to live our lives just like others. It’s no mistake that all the 7 billion plus Homo sapiens have different fingerprints! We tend to spend the first several years of our lives fitting into the philosophies developed by others; and this is okay, at our young age we barely have any life experiences to generate a comprehensive way of living of our own. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t get stuck in doing something that truly misrepresents what we want to do deep inside. And yes, all birds have feathers (read ‘brain’) and after a few weeks of being fed in the nest, they soon spread their wings and learn to fly; soon enough they start feeding themselves. Leaving the nest shouldn’t literally be taken to mean having a life philosophy, but rather as a gesture of establishing an independent way of how things should work in your life. But of course if you are the kind that feels comfortable doing exactly what others have done or are doing, there is no harm in that too. The only thing that you should worry about is that sooner or later, your compatibility with other peoples’ life philosophies will be out of phase. Those who reach this dead-end soon enough can re-organize themselves and start afresh, but sometimes it’s too late to really benefit from the joys of developing and following your life philosophy. It’s about creating an understanding of life, with a set of rules that apply mostly to you, rules that you shall never break. It’s about believing in that tested idea of life based on your past experiences and individual capabilities and judging by yourself what really works for you. It is for this exact reason (that only you know your abilities) that one should spearhead the formulation of this life-rule! Become known by that.

Every one tends to get known by their way of doing things. A person may just read a certain text and rightly guess who its author is, especially if they have been reading this author’s works. Your actions, words and style of doing things become predictable, which in a way becomes your marketing tool. If your philosophy of life revolves around reliability, people will always associate that with you and probably will always love working with you. And so is when your philosophy of life revolves around honesty, hard work, or anything that you believe in and completely practice in your life. So, find that one thing, which you truly believe in and want your life to revolve around, and turn it into something shall lead you to prosperity and a well guided life. And in doing so, you shall build resilience within you and those around you.

 And now that you know, what are you going to do about it?


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