Everyone is fighting the same war – Let`s fight together!

Maturity of an individual is characterized by one being able to understand and reconcile themselves with the workings of this life. Life in general requires us to live by each other. No single living creature is independent, we always siphon some benefit from each other; each of us needs the other to live comfortably on this small blue dot. Once one understands this seemingly simple rule of life, then everything starts to fit into play. They then realize that everyone has their purpose and scheduled period of stay on this life supporting planet. Realization of this is probably the most important aspect for cheerful co-existence among all living creatures. Also, knowing that as we live-by, each of us is fighting their own war. What we have to do is to either assist one another in this cause or not to burden each other in ways that prevent us from living comfortably.

Every day I get out of my room knowing that each individual I meet is fighting their war, and trying as much as possible to win. Well, some individuals don’t care whether they win by tramping on others or by systematically fighting one another. There is no doubt that any war can be won by a collective effort in a planned direction of action. Even when you choose to fight your war alone, you should remember that first and foremost, you are not the only one fighting, and also that when you lose, you shouldn’t blame anyone for a war you single-handedly fought. The wars we fight every day range from the basic decisions of having to not hit the snooze button in the morning, to the actual physical confrontations in the jungles or deserts of the world. Either war puts one’s life at risk, period! It is usually a matter of time before it puts you to your knees and finally get you lying on your back in a fitting box six feet under, or in a jar at someone`s balcony. Of course everyone shall argue that finally we all lose the battle against time/life; but why not fight the wars we are sure can be won, especially if we invested our all. The pleasure of winning a war makes us ready to fight another, and another. It gives the motivating power in everything we do. The history of the wars we have won shall be our testimony in all our next wars; the resilience attained shall push us to champion our next fights, so that when we look back, we are confident that, as much as we may have lost a few wars, we have won several. Every great champion has scars, scary memories, memories that required a great deal of persistence and no doubt, perspiration! The scars we may get will be our opponents’ reminders that we have been a winning team; that as much as we may not leave the battlefield scratch-free, we shall always emerge as winners. That’s who we are and who we shall always be, until the battle against time puts us down, for no man survives that! In the meantime, let`s go past our personal or several other differences and work together to attain the one thing that ensures our signature, not only on this small blue dot, but also other habitable blue dots spread across the universe.


photo credit: N07/7496803464″>Crisis Commons via photopin (license)

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