Fears, Our Potential, and Mentorship

Shall we still deny our potential? Even after we have come this far? Even after we are living proof that we once surpassed our fears? Yes, yesterday we worried about so much concerning our life tomorrow; now we have lived through that tomorrow, and we have come this far. it’s true we weren’t sure of what was coming towards us, we wished and hoped that we got the things we desired. We exerted our efforts, both with positive and negative attitudes. We just didn’t want to think so highly of ourselves, else we appeared so arrogant. Deep inside us, a part of us had high hopes we could make it, and yet on the outside we displayed fear, a lack of ability and a gloomy future ahead! We worried those close to us, and they took to prayers and offering any possible help. They encouraged us and became our promise of a brighter future; in them all seemed that it shall work out. They reminded us of our potential, and how far we had come. They seemed to know how it shall all go, and yes, even when we knew/know that they had/have gone through similar situations, we still don’t believe a word of what they say. We take it as though it is just consolation on our side – call it a feel good approach, to stop you from worrying.

So, from the moment you were born, all you have been doing is overcoming challenges in life and developing a reward system for every win. That’s how our brains have been wired; for every challenge you solve, the system rewards you with happiness. Do you remember that moment when you struggled to do something? And you eventually managed to figure it out and all your ‘thirty two’ were exposed? Yes, that’s how your brain works, it knows that for every challenge it hacks,  there is a reward. And basically, we continuously desire to get this ‘feel good’ feeling, and this pushes us to give so many things in life a try. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose! Each of these outcomes impacts differently on our lives. Winning classifies us as winners and losing puts us to the opposite end. Of course no one worries about the winning part, our fears become exaggerated when we lose. Losing tends to take away all the confidence one once had; but it has a different meaning to a different group of people. Losing is a lesson, and a very good one. There is benefit in losing too; you learn what made you fail, and can thus avoid making the same mistake. What is even more important is learning from those who have failed before, getting the lessons they learnt. A young beginner may thus get a mentor to learn from. These are normally people who have been through similar and can guide you along your path. You learn from them and avoid all the mistakes they already made. They tend to know what works and what doesn’t. It is always better to decide which direction you want to bend, and find someone better than you, or already ahead of you in that direction, and learn from them. That’s a safer way of growing and taking on challenges in life. You may not exactly do what they are doing, but you shall move in parallel and they shall be ahead of you generally – more of like paving a way for you! So, the next time you have fears of doing or starting something, know that you have the potential, and that there are already people treading similar paths ahead of you – learn from them!

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