How to Go Against the Odds and Know No Failure

Know no failure

Be the one that goes against the odds. Know no failure and succumb not to negative advice.

I have gone against the odds and continued to do the things I believe in. I have done this against confusing advice. I have gone out of my way to attempt things that seem like failures right from the start. I have done so, simply because I believe in them, and I love doing exactly that. Some of the people whose advice you acted against will be looking forward to that moment when they shall say ‘I told you so!’ It’s interesting how we all want to be right. How we all want to forecast the future in such times, and for the people whose potential we have no idea of. Go ahead and resist the temptation to give up the thing you like. Go ahead and know no failure!

In reality, many people make speculations of what could go wrong with the actions we intend to take. They tend to base on other people’s past failures to discourage or to give advice to those who ask for it. The fact that so and so tried and failed is no proof that the same will happen to you. The circumstances may totally be different, and besides, we can only learn from the failures of both others and ourselves in order to make positive progress.

Time is going to come when you will really feel like you should do something. When that time comes, it had better be something you truly believe in. That’s why most people go for the things they have passion for. If passion exists in your activities, then chances of giving up become slim, even when results are not forthcoming.

Therefore, the next time your friend or colleague comes inquiring about something, be sure to inquire first of how committed they are willing to be. It is this kind of commitment that makes all things possible at the end of the day. Judging them basing on their surface personality and deciding that they can’t do it is totally wrong. It is equivalent to denying them their dreams. You can tell them what it takes to make it, or who attempted it in the past, but what you can’t do is to break their morale!

So, as you sit back and watch them attempt the things you advised against, don’t wait for that moment when they shall fail, so that you can say ‘I told you!’ Instead, go cheer them on, give them the extra advice they need. Tell them they can do it, and believe in them too. Support them as much as possible, and let them realize their dreams.

And for the one making an attempt at something they love, failure should be no option. Any negative discouragement shouldn’t deter you either. Believe that you can, and be ready and willing to do whatever is possible to achieve the one thing you are after. Don’t give anyone the satisfaction of saying ‘I told you so’ … unless they are saying ‘I knew you would make it!’

Know no failure!  

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  • Joseph Batte

    Hahaha I often just wing it ever since I chose to be a free spirit. Over the years, I have realized there is no reason to rub it in someone’s face. It could have been you…. nice article

  • Thanks mate! I have realized the same over the years. Sometimes rubbing it in one’s face could push them over the edge, and yet that’s when they need a shoulder…

  • Joseph Batte

    Unfortunately, many tend to take that route, as a way of making themselves feel proud