Hard and Easy: On opposite sides of Mediocrity

Hard and easy, a matter of perspective

Hard and Easy: On opposite sides of mediocrity.

Hard and easy are on the same scale, just on opposite ends! They are within the same dimension and therefore, can be seen and told apart. This is a good thing since we don’t have to really look out for something new at all. Consider it as having a zero at the centre of the scale and a string of positive and negative integers on the right and left sides respectively. Some people play it safe, they choose to stay at the zero mark – mediocrity, and often times oscillating at that same point from year to year. These are people who surely know that going into the negatives is not good, and would love to go into the positive, but have fear of attempting. This is the reality of life, negative actions will have negative consequences; and positive actions will no doubt fuel positive rewards. People often think that it is easy to fail, or to engage into the thing that rewards you negatively, but it isn’t! No one just wakes up one moment and chooses to do drugs, become a chronic alcoholic, or a failure in life. It requires effort; it too requires consistency in doing that thing, and soon enough one gets caught in between hating and loving the thing they do. It is not easy for the person who chooses to go on the positive direction of the scale either. This person too requires a concerted effort to make any move in this direction. It is always like a tug of war, you are always pulling, but sometimes the other side is pulling more than you. And no doubt, you too are pulling stronger often times. Truth be told, no one wants to lose, especially after they put in any slight effort. This is the natural rule. Once you start working on something, it’s natural to expect rewards for your input. Thus no one should lie to you that they failed intentionally, it almost never happens. No one goes into business to make losses, NO ONE! We spend so much time in school not to finish and end up jobless, but rather to get jobs and continue bettering our lives; because in our world, going to school is considered to be part of the activities that lie on the positive side.

In reality, no one is perfect, no one is continuously doing only positive things. Often times we find ourselves falling short. We end up doing the things that are in the opposite direction. When this happens, we should quickly realize so, and attempt to get back to moving forward. They say “If you aren’t moving forward, then just stay still”, staying still is better than moving backwards.

We later on come to understand that everything is hard and easy at the same time. You only have to change your perspective and choose which angle to view it from. It is so easy for me to wake up at any time of the night without the need to set an alarm, and yet for someone else this is almost impossible. It is hard for me to catch sleep, and yet for someone else, they simply need to close their eyes for a few seconds! This is life; we are in the same running race with Usain Bolt; in the same swimming race with Michael Phelps; in the same academic forums with the best brains; in the same race with those who have had a billion dollar inheritance; in the same race with YOU and what you are best at! No one can be better than you in being YOU, not even the greatest copycat! So, in the race with YOU, NO ONE can win YOU, not Usain Bolt, not Michael Phelps, and not even the guy with the billion dollar inheritance. With knowledge of the fact that NO ONE can be better than you in the way you do your things, then the next step is for you to find a way of being yourself, that’s rewarding. Those who choose to be themselves and stop copying others become better at what they do and end up benefiting from taking this direction. It is also hoped that whatever you are, lies on the positive side of the line! It is positively more rewarding if that’s the case. At the end of the day, nothing is easy or hard. Even the easiest thing can become the hardest at some point in time. Circumstances tend to change how we view everything and how hard or easy something can be. We oftentimes just have to change the lenses with which we view everything. What seemed hard can quickly become the easiest just by changing something small, probably the way we do it. In lower school we study so many subjects and we end up categorizing some as nightmares and others as a piece of cake. And this is different for everyone. The idea should be that we change our perspective in order to turn the thing which we dislike and yet is good for us into something we like. This is possible, and believing this is the first step in realizing this possibility. It is said that `if you believe you can, then you can; and if you believe you can’t, you are also right`. In life we shall constantly be faced with battles. They shall consistently test our resilience and those who don’t match up will be thrown off their feet. Of course they can take a second try, and a third or fourth, but time will be passing by. Time isn’t a resource that we can replenish, at least not at the moment. So, the earlier you believe and choose what is easy and what is possible for you, the earlier you are on the way to achieving that one thing you are after in life.

And now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

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