If you haven’t been down that path, don’t tell me how easy it is

If you haven't been down that path, don't give so much advice.

You can only go down the wrong path for so long. It is never forever. The world shall push you down that path up to a certain limit when it can no longer do so. Up to a certain limit when the pain gets too much. If you ever reach that point, remember this: From then on, things are only headed for the better. You now have the upper hand, and everything is in your control. Very few have been down that path and made it back. Most people get trodden on and get lost in whatever path life threw them. But if you sincerely believed in something before, and the world is offering you something else, time will come when you shall say enough is enough. Time shall come when you can no longer take it anymore. You can only bare the pain for so long, until that point when you turn on the cause of pain. Pray hard that you get to that point if you ever travel down that path.

You are probably stuck in that situation and you are looking at the world with kind eyes, hoping for mercy. You are probably thinking that someone will come along the way and offer you some help. You are probably hoping that someone will come and lift you from that hole in which you are sinking every day. As you sink deeper in your depression, poverty, pain, obesity, helplessness, or whatever undesired situation you are in, you begin wondering if there is anyone who really cares! This is the hard truth my dear, no one cares! People shall pass you, and others shall laugh. But this will only go on for so long, until that point when you shall realize that there is no one coming to help. It shall go on until you realize that if anything has to be done, it has to be by you! Pray hard that you actually realize this before you hit rock bottom. If you ever do reach that point, welcome to the grind! Welcome to the battle field, welcome back to reality, where things don’t happen by themselves. You now need to start working hard. That experience will have taught you one thing: that it’s in your hands. That if you ever need anything to be moved, it will have to be by you. You start working hard, you start following the dream you had given up on. You start from the basics and you get going. You start with what you have, whatever it is! Soon you shall realize the first glimpse of progress. The results shall start flowing in; happiness will make its first appearance, and then you shall believe that ‘ALL IS POSSIBLE’. There is no turning back at this point. You are now headed downstream, and you just need to row in the right direction. It is as if everything is now in your control. It is as if you are capable of so much. It is as if you just came back from death! Life will have taught you a lesson.

We only have one challenge though, and it’s that, once you have been beaten to your knees, it’s difficult to have hope. It is difficult to once again believe in yourself. It is a struggle to get back up! You feel you are surrounded and there is no amount of trying that can generate any positive result. You start hating everything and everyone. You start believing that probably they don’t understand the shitty situation you are in. And to be honest they never do! They think that it’s probably a matter of snapping your fingers and the struggle is over. They start telling you that you just have to DECIDE to get back on the right path and all will become okay. They talk like they have been there before and did exactly that. You even start having a little faith in them; you even attempt to snap your situation away to regain full control of your life. Only to realize that you are still stuck! That for now, there is no amount of trying capable of lifting you up! Here is what you need to know my friend, that sometimes you’ve got to let yourself be. You’ve got to let time take a toll on you. Don’t be so quick to think that you have been there for so long. This kind of thinking will only sink you deeper. Why? Because you shall realize that however much you try, there is no progress registered! So, chill out. Relax. Wait for it; wait for that moment when your momentum has built up, when enough is enough. And this will be the moment when it shall feel as if you just snapped your finger and you got out. It may take some waiting to completely get the momentum necessary to pull you back up. Ever stretched a catapult? The more backwards you pull it, the further away the throw becomes! In the meantime as you ponder upon your situation, plan on how it’s going to be. Get prepared for the spring-back, because for sure you shall get back up! You shall fall seven times and rise up eight. In all you do, NEVER forget to rise up the eighth time, NEVER!

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  • Joseph Batte

    Best decision I have so far made in my life, is becoming a Free Spirit, after I realized, worrying so much, fogged my analysis of a situation