Kaizen Vs Tweaking

If you are to ever take anything to live-by for the rest of your life, then you should take the ‘Kaizen principle’, period!  I repeat, choose to follow the Kaizen principle. Well it is largely categorised as a business principle or philosophy, but those who do so ignore the underlying motivation of why it was initially applied to business settings. This principle hinges on a philosophy of continuous improvement of business practices and no doubt it does wonders there. It was born in Japan following their redevelopment after the Second World War. I shall spare you the details of its origin, and largely concentrate on why I think it provides a philosophy to live-by!

Of course no doubt, all successful businesses try to live by this principle, else they run out of business soon enough. In Japan, Toyota and so many other Japanese companies implement this principle in their work – of cultivating efficiency in all aspects of their business line, even to the smallest extents! World over, so many brands took on the same philosophy especially towards the end of the 20th Century.  The other thing is, the world has also grown to expect so much from so many of the successful brands. Every year for example, you are looking forward to the improvements that come with your new device, why? Because you expect them to make better the next day or year or term! And yes, your expectations put pressure on their design teams or research and development or whoever is in charge of making improvements. Just look at whatever improvements that have happened in the last few years, and try to relate as to why they have indeed happened. The main reason if bluntly put is the desire to do better day after day, Period!

For me, science has taught me to practice tweaking and probably so has any practice where I’m trying to get better. You start with an arbitrary assumption, or call it hypothesis, and by the principle of tweaking, you get to validate your hypothesis. Anyway, by now you get the idea; it is about getting better and better …

So, you choose the Kaizen principle to live-by, and get successful at it through tweaking! And FYI, you may not get there in a day, so stay committed. Also, you don’t have to wait to have a business to apply this approach; you just need to identify aspects of your life that need improvement and quickly get going at them.

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