LIFE is HARD and then you DIE?

Life is Hard and then you DIE

It’s true, Life is hard, and then you die; but is that all there is about life?

It is mainly passion and the instinctive spirit of adventure that drive us to live this life the way we do. Once you are born, life straight away starts getting hard. Everything that comes after birth requires you to put in some effort before you get it (and this is okay since it motivates your input). And even after you have got it, it is still as though you are fueling this machine whose output is its continued existence. As you gain an understanding of the things around you, you soon start school (for those who take this route) and spend more than a quarter of your life in this programmed system; for some, even far less than that. At least most people I know think that their life is going to become easier after they graduate from school. This is the complete opposite. School is easier than what happens after school. After school, for most of those who are lucky enough to attain jobs, life may appear as though it is headed for the best.  You soon start a family (for those who choose to) and begin to quickly enjoy whatever life is left in you. You continue working hard, and trying to save for your retirement, as well as taking care of your family. You try to exert as much as possible. Soon enough you retire and try to live the rest of your life on your meager savings, until you eventually die! Yes, life is hard and then you die! For this kind of individual, who by the way, society considers successful, their life is no different from his counterpart who chose a totally different path. This other counterpart probably chose to start his business and get into self-employment, and struggled through life too. This person too does his best, exerts his efforts as much as possible and tries to change the world; until his life too takes on the same trend – of fueling this gigantic mass of object that’s spinning around in the universe! That’s life, period!

Then we have another category of individuals; those who start living life right from the word hard, and they persist through it all, only to end up dying at the end! For this category, they probably never set foot in school or even know what exists out there in the world. They begin their life in the worst of circumstances and stay that way until their energies are completely drained! Until they give up on trying and succumb to their purpose of creation, without having had a single joy in this world. It’s a pity!

Probably life is different for those individuals who believe in an extended life beyond the present. May be for them dying is the epitome of success, more like opening them to a new door in a new world; may be! But even for this category of people, dying is not necessarily an assured door to that new world; it could as well be the beginning of a new era of suffering – from the frying pan into the fire, literally!

It is such doctrines of society that get imprinted in our minds just when we leave the comfort of the wombs; or should I say, just after we exit that place which meant the whole world to us; only to realize that we are entering another new world, with several people welcoming us into that world. Nonetheless, that’s a world I don’t remember (the womb). I only know of this place (read earth), where once you start existing, life becomes hard and then you die! Period. But still, for the few years I have been here, all I see are people working very hard, despite the UNKNOWABLE fact of what comes after. One would think that if the end result is a known fact, and that no given choice of route whatsoever can change that, then the simpler and easier approach to reaching the end result would be the best option; but I guess no one ever wishes for this ! Still, this too is a construct of our society, they never make it easy for you! Apparently you are supposed to work towards this machine for as long as life doesn’t escape from you on its own.

All in all, it doesn’t matter what route you take in life, it’s still going to be hard and then you shall die. Question is; what is the point of it all? Imagine you are playing this game and you are 100% sure that you can never win it; even when you play each step perfectly! Well, one may argue that the process of playing and getting from one step to another is triumph in itself. I agree, the small wins may provide one with a temporary feeling of immortality but soon enough are faced with the reality of this life! It then becomes a matter of relativity! It would be like comparing the life of a may fly to that of man – five minutes, less than what it would take you to read this article! To make it all very disturbing is the fact that there is no assurance of when it shall all end for you; whether now, tomorrow, or after you have won that hundred million dollar lottery!

But dying is not the worst that can happen to you, the worst is knowing the worst that can happen and you still not attempt the things that you claim scare you the most. The worst is you failing to attempt to achieve your desires because you fear to die! How bad could it get at the end? For a life whose known ultimate end (death) is not scheduled, there are no limits to as far as testing how far we can go! In the attempt, you could hit the jackpot and stay alive, or you could stay in the same place without trying and wait for your destiny. The choice is yours at the end of the day!

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