Mother Nature is not GOD and our sins can’t go completely unpunished

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is not GOD and our sins can’t go completely unpunished; in the same way, our efforts cannot go unrewarded!

Newton’s law clearly states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and this a true law of Nature. Unfortunately, many of us are inclined to believe otherwise when it comes to some matters in our daily life. We forget so soon that for as long as our actions are done here on this blue planet, they shall carry consequences, soon or later. Every effort you’ve ever made will bring with it an equivalent result; every prayer you’ve ever said will bring forth an answer.

Mother Nature

All that is around us including ourselves is nature. Be careful what you do with it.

Mother Nature is all that you see around you, plus what you can’t see, and there is a certain order in which everything is supposed to be. Once this order is disturbed, Mother Nature does everything in her power to restore the situation back to order, however long it may take. When you for example punch a wall, Newton’s second law states that the wall punches you back. I hope you are ready to take an equal measure of your punch. I hope you are prepared to receive the result of your actions.

When it comes to the environment, Mother Nature speaks very loudly and no doubt she has already started speaking and creating a lot of attention here, despite the many who still doubt her signs. Last year the international community seemed to agree on embarking on activities that will try to restore the environment. Global warming is no SCAM as many people including some politicians want us to believe. It is real, and in fact, some scientists believe that we may be late on our efforts. Nonetheless, better late than never. We shall have to pay for our negative actions to the environment!

Mother Nature

If teaching is your passion, then the salary is just a motivation bonus.

In the same magnitude or even more, our input in attempting to better ourselves generates results the same way Mother Nature rewards positive action. In simple terms, there is a reward for every action. Our worries normally set in when we fail to understand that the reward is not immediate. We quickly forget that every input creates an impact; and if we terminate the effort just because we aren’t seeing any outcomes yet, we are at loss! We are at loss because we shall have wasted time and resources trying to go after something whose fruits we aren’t patient enough to harvest. If only we can be a little patient and continue believing and strategizing, then the reward will be in our hands soon enough.

There are so many individuals who kept doing their activities without getting any reward from them for years, but eventually, when the efforts started paying back, the payments were in big volumes and continuously. Did they have hope? Or were they sure that in future their actions would pay off? I would answer it this way: That, for every effort they put in, they were not looking forward to the future reward/outcome; they continuously did so because they loved what they were doing! This is why it is very important that you choose to dedicate much of your time to the thing(s) you have passion for. Why? Because there will be that time when you are doing it only because you love doing it.

Mother Nature

Some of the things you have passion for can be grown to become more rewarding in future.

If one loves playing football, and they play so well to the extent that it becomes their profession. The money they earn from being professional players isn’t the motivation for the early morning practice or the desire to get better, it is rather the passion they have for the game that keeps them going. If your passion is in teaching, then relaying knowledge is not done for the pay it brings at the end of the month, but rather for the fulfillment you get when you do so! When I write articles for Resilience Beyond, I for example do so because I love doing that. I find myself thinking about what to write, and reading more about the subject. In doing so, I derive a lot of satisfaction for myself. It is thus a bonus for me when I start getting an audience of people who love what I write (Thank you all). This then becomes further motivation for doing the thing I love doing.

Mother Nature

By continuously putting in effort, you keep chipping away at the big load in your way, and soon you can have a good view ahead of you.

Probably you are pushing your efforts to something whose results will take a month or a year or even a couple of years. You must first of all believe that the result will show up! That even when there are currently no apparent signs, your efforts are piling up something that’s yet to sprout. Look at the amazing example of the Chinese Bamboo tree, it takes so long being cared for, and yet no signs of it for years. After a considerably long period of time, during which it has apparently been developing a strong root system, it decides to come out of the ground. For so long a time, it was busy laying the strongest foundation to sustain its outward growth. Without this strong foundation, it cannot survive the strong and bending winds or even manage through the dry spells. This is probably what is going on in your life, gathering a lot of experiences to prepare you for when you break even!

Mother Nature

The Bamboo tree spends most of its time building the necessary foundation to support its shoots. Don’t be deceived by absence of immediate results

Stay put, continue doing what you are doing right, have hope and patiently wait to sprout. Do not rest your effort hand; your actions (efforts) are mobilizing an equivalent reward for you!

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  • Joseph Batte

    hahaha i somehow feel guilty … ever since i chose to be a free spirit, i have winged life events with a respond in mind: “um i will figure it out when the time comes ” lol