Why you should do Nothing whenever you are overwhelmed by tasks

Overwhelmed by tasks choose to do nothing

Why you should do Nothing whenever you are overwhelmed by tasks

Ever been so overwhelmed by tasks that lie ahead of you that you intentionally choose to do nothing? Well, my friend you chose right! Whenever tasks seem too gigantic, it is as if our natural instincts opt for a relaxed mode. It has probably occurred to most of us; You have an exam that you have not studied for and yet there is a bulk of reading materials waiting to be opened. In most of those cases, what the average student does is nothing. Or they instead go watch something less tasking and contrary to what’s expected of them.

Overwhelmed by tasks at hand that you choose to do nothing

Too much material to read pending your exam? No problem, I’ll just take a nap

What our brain goes through in that time

Actually, in most of those cases, the feeling is that whatever is pending cannot be accomplished within the given timeframe, so why bother to do anything at all. Or the other and probably more scientific explanation is that, once our brains are overwhelmed by tasks at hand, they throw in the towel, and go into recess. During this time relaxed mode, they are ‘retrofitting’ the self, checking available resources, and planning all possible solutions to the task at hand. That’s why you may quickly snap out of the relaxation mode with a very ingenious solution to whatever task you had at hand. It is actually amazing to know that the brain does a lot of work subconsciously, and you just hear someone say ‘I was there and it just occurred to me’, or ‘I all of a sudden realised such and such’.

Overwhelmed by tasks go sleep over it

When too much to do overpowers you, it’s time to let things be!

There is a problem, though …

But this very ingenious ability of our brain sometimes turns out to be a design flaw in reality. It oftentimes seems like it is not a plan anyone would draw up, or advice one would take. This is true especially when it is a matter of life and death. Something could overwhelm you and you end up ‘freezing’ to death! If a lion appeared out of nowhere, one may think that the obvious plan is to escape. However, what’s likely to occur is you ‘freezing’ in your comfort because your command centre is ‘still’ figuring it out! The action-reaction time can appear to be too long in such a scenario. Good thing is that we are past those times. The possibility that this resourceful unit in our heads can desert us when we need it the most is quite scary because we never know when we shall really need it to come to our rescue.

Overwhelmed by tasks

A lion appearing out of nowhere would leave you motionless as if that’s the clever thing to do

‘Take five’ really works

Nonetheless, what we know is that if enough time is allowed before making any decision, we are most likely going to make a better decision compared to if we had rushed it. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by tasks, ‘take five’, and get back to them later.

It is probably for the same reason that the phrase ‘sleep on it’ comes handy when certain decisions have to be made. And it’s not that we shall wake up wiser per se, but rather that we shall have had enough time to internalise everything. You sleep with a challenge on your mind and wake up with progress on how to handle it. Your brain will have synthesised available options for you to take.

So you have that overwhelming exam tomorrow, go sleep a few hours. You have that big task from your boss, tentatively forget about it and solutions will come to you soon enough. You have a lion that’s staring you right in your face, oh yeah, just do nothing! Anyway, you get the point, so don’t feel guilty about yourself doing nothing in the face of too much. You’ll be banking on the comeback.

Hopefully, like anything else, your brain will know whenever it is summoned to provide solutions quickly. This means that you’ll stop watching a full season of TV drama to a single episode during your lazy/relaxation mode.


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