Of Dreams and Desires in Life, a Kekashiku excerpt

A Kekashiku excerpt

The Boy to whom Concrete Spoke, a Kekashiku excerpt!

…He often told the student, stories of how he used to not know a thing about concrete and how later things had turned. “It is the same with everything else”, he often said. If you put enough effort to it, you soon conquer it. At the beginning it always looks so scary, you probably don’t even know what to do or where to begin. But if you really want it, and you keep your thoughts concentrated on getting that one thing, little by little it starts to come to you; and eventually it will be in your hands. You can now play with it, juggle it here and there, because you now know how precious it is. That’s how he now felt in his field of concrete. He knew he still had a long way, but for the part he had studied and understood, no one could take that away from him. Your life eventually rotates around that one thing that you always do and the one that captures your attention. As a young man, he often admired the courage of the fire juggler. “How does he do it, without burning himself?” he often thought as he stood with an amazed look in his eyes beside his mother at the concerts. Through his mother he had managed to pose the right question to the fire artist, “how do you do it?”, he asked. He had received an astonishing response. He learnt that it takes hours and hours of practice, with so many failed attempts to become that good at playing with fireballs. The fire artist had gone ahead to show him some of the burns he had sustained during some of his trainings. He was now so good at it that he could even do it with eyes closed. All this time Kekashiku listened in awe.

At the age of six, Kekashiku`s dreams were indeed varied; it was as though he wanted to become everything that seemed awesome. At one point he wanted to become a firefighter, then a fire juggler, then a teacher, just because his mother was. It was literally confusing for him too. His mother would sometimes tell him “my son you can’t be everything, you have to choose one thing and work towards becoming that”. Sometimes she would just let him be. She also knew that fate has a way of deciding for us all. She was also aware that a tree always falls in the direction it`s bending. But you can’t just wait for nature to bend you in any direction. Suppose you don`t want the direction fate is leaning you towards. Kekashiku had learnt that any direction is possible. You choose where you want to lean and start pushing yourself in that direction. Sometimes fate is against you, but if you insist enough, it soon joins forces with you to strongly bend you in the direction you believed in. Kekashiku had like any other child gone to school and hoped that along the way he would find his desires…


This is a snippet from ‘The Boy to whom Concrete Spoke‘.

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