Resilience is Defiance and Resistance to Mediocrity in Life

Resilience Beyond today

Resilience is Defiance and Resistance to Mediocrity in our Lifestyles.

As Resilience Beyond celebrates its first anniversary, I have been given an opportunity to write a roundup post of the year’s efforts. It is amazing how time passes so fast; it’s as if a few days ago we were just hustling on how to set up this blog, and here we are today, rounding up its first year. Enough of the excitement with the one year anniversary!

Resilience Beyond has always stood for something more than average. It has often emphasised what needs to be done to stop being a mediocre. We have written about issues concerning our personal lives (personal development, financial resilience and matters of lifestyles). We have acknowledged that life is actually not easy. That it shall beat you to your knees and keep you there (probably for those of us who believe in a spiritual realm, this is when we start praying). Life will certainly beat YOU to your knees, but keeping YOU there is entirely up to YOU. It will come to YOU with great challenges. You probably by now realise that ‘YOU’ is emphasised, why? Because whatever situation life has plunged you into, it’s only and only YOU to get yourself sorry self out! Nobody is going to make the decision, or even contribute any effort to getting you out. You should know that from the start. You should also know that you cannot use the same mindset that led you into trouble to take you out. You must start nurturing a new mindset to lift you out of your misery.

Resilience Beyond today

Whatever change you want to see in your life begins with you

I’m not going to apologise for being brutally honest with you this time. If you are someone who is waiting for someone else to do for you the one thing that benefits you the most, I’m afraid you shall wait until eternity. If you are someone who keeps blaming your friends, your government, your teachers, or your president for the way things are in your life, you better pick up the mirror and look at the blameworthy person. If you are the kind of individual that keeps complaining about everything being against you, I probably don’t have many kind words today. Also, if you are being called the good guy just because you don’t steal, or drink and drive, or have never been caught jaywalking … but lack any useful skills for society, I’m sorry for you bro/sis. The world is probably misleading you. Whoever is cheering you on for being a good guy with no useful skills to offer is your clear enemy. I always like this example; say you are out with your ‘bae’, on an evening stroll from having dinner, and some reckless driver knocks her down and drives off. You are in the middle of the road, and she is bleeding and needs immediate attention. As you try to call for help, some guy shows up and they want to help; then you go like, ‘are you a doctor?’, and they say ‘I’m not a doctor, but am a good guy; I have never shot or even stolen anything!’ You probably won’t let that person give any expert opinion on what’s happening or what should be done in order to save a life, would you? Well, good guy, that’s the funny thing with the world you live in. It rewards those individuals who have the ability to do something in order to satisfy the need of another person. You had better be quick to decide which kind of skills you want to offer to the world. Once you identify that, then you start working your butt off in order to be among the top people who have that skill in the world, or in your country, district, county or village! Being a good guy alone is not enough; you need to develop a singular set of abilities that make you stand out from the crowd!

Resilience Beyond today

Useful skills are what society needs. So Mr. Good Guy, what skills do you have to offer?

Now this is where Resilience Beyond exclusively comes in. Most people have actually discovered that having what to offer to the world is a crucial part of their success. They have even identified the kind of skill they want to deliver to the world, and are ready to start working to realise this. This is when trouble then starts. It is very easy to wake up and decide that you want to become a lawyer, a doctor, a politician, an engineer, or even a businessman. I remember when I was in elementary school, every kid in my class knew what they wanted to be in future. Reality check 10 years later: less than 5% followed up with those dreams to fulfilment. The rest of the 95% succumbed to the biggest enemy of life goals – they gave up along the way! You should read ‘The Human mind and why we give up soon’. Probably, majority of over the 60 articles of Resilience Beyond are giving pointers on how to overcome this enemy of progress.

Resilience Beyond today

Don’t wait for instructions from Heaven, you aren’t a prophet of God. Set out something and give it a try

Resilience Beyond recognises that in order to be among the top people in your skill-set, the journey is going to be a tough one. So, in that travel bag of yours on your way up, you must include the most efficient items you will need along the way; plenty of motivation, inspiration, daily goal reminders, directions, and plenty of self-belief to achieve whatever you are after. No doubt these are extensively covered here in their respective categories. Putting all these in practice from day one will build a person of resilience beyond! How big you set your goal will determine how far you need to go. Resilience beyond life principles are elastic, and can be magnified depending on the size of one’s goals/dreams. It then becomes a matter of consistence in your actions.

Resilience Beyond today

Sometimes we end up discovering skills we didn’t know we had. Tweak a few things from time to time and see what works best for you.

The beauty of setting goals and working towards them is that, nobody knows for sure whether their goals will be achieved. What’s however important is that you set the goal and start working towards it even when you don’t know when or how to get there. It’s that saying of ‘taking the first step even when you can’t see the entire staircase’. As you finish taking the first step, the second one comes into light and so on. Along the way you develop confidence, motivation, and probably even the guts to tell others that it’s possible – the same way I’m telling you now! Why? Because I have been there and known what it means to be hopeless, to feel like you have no purpose in life, to lack the slightest atom of motivation to do anything! But with taking a step forward, you create a world of possibilities, you start witnessing a few ‘successes’, and these increase your self-belief. It then becomes a snowball effect with every step of the way! By this time you’ll have realised that sitting on your butt was a bad idea. You may even regret why you didn’t know this earlier; but surely this is no time for that. What matters at this point is that you’ll have entered into this new world full of possibilities. All this is exciting, and it goes on until you hit your biggest wall, again! That’s life …. full of hills and valleys. Those are the thorny roses.

Resilience Beyond today

Even when you ain’t seeing the entire staircase, take the first leap of faith. Others will show up soon enough

Yes, you had climbed the entire staircase until so far, only to miscalculate a step and fall back to the first steps, if you are lucky. Some people fall back to square zero, while others fall to their death! That’s the tragedy of life. But what do you do when you realise that after going all-in, you knocked the wall. By this time you will have accumulated loads of experiences and enough resilience to pat yourself on the back and rise again (I sincerely hope you do). That too will be a life lesson. You remember that Japanese proverb, of ‘fall down seven times and rise up eight times’? In principle what it means is that you should never stay down; that however many times you fall, you should keep standing up. Successful people know that they shall keep failing. Failing is a part of success. It means that you now know how to do better. I like to use the example of Elon Musk: he recently attempted to land a rocket after launch, and things didn’t go as expected. All he said was that he was looking forward to see how the next one goes. This is in addition to the so many failures he had in the first place. He is living in our times and his failures are recent, that’s why I like to use him as an example of never giving up. With huge failure, comes huge success. Don’t let any failure keep you down. Learn from it, and start afresh while implementing the lessons learned.

Resilience Beyond today

Don’t let failures ever put you down; they are meant to show you a better direction. Use them well, unless of course your favourite icecream is down on that hot asphat …

Resilience Beyond encompasses all aspects of life that require individual or collective action in order to reach triumph; be it fighting a social vice, or attempting to solve a personal challenge. It doesn’t matter who you are; once you face what’s before you, with a spirit of live or die, the fears escape away and the challenge seizes to be. Don’t be held back by fear, go ahead and make calculated risks. Stop waiting for when the right time comes, because it never does. Don’t spend too long aiming, take a shot at your target, and generate feedback, and strike again based on that. Don’t be bogged down by anyone that ‘your dreams are too big’ to be achieved. Believe in yourself and aim at the stars, staying rest assured that your failure will at least be the moon. The sky isn’t the limit; it’s the start of a bigger journey. Keep challenging yourself, and aiming for resilience beyond. Trust that the passing of time will cause things to change, and that no situation is permanent.

Resilience Beyond today

Here is a blank page, for you to dream as big as you desire and to never stop trying. Jot down what you want to achieve in life and keep referring to it

Lastly and probably most important, I’m very grateful to all readers of Resilience Beyond. Continue supporting us and encouraging us to reach a bigger audience; you never know who could get uplifted by our messages, and what they could do afterwards. I also continue to ask you to share this with your friends, and family, plus that good guy we talked about up there.

Cheers, and stay well, stay motivated, and stay resilient!

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  • Joseph Batte

    It is always good to be judged harshly. I find it entertaining ^_^. I remember in elementary school, I had no idea what I wanted to be. I was a shy kid and kept to my self but I found maths and sciences sort of interesting. So I went with it…

  • I believe the trick is in finding something interesting and following it up; if the interest stays or continues to grow, then one ought to have a future there. It was only in high school that I took on sciences more seriously. And here I am now …