Scenarios That Make Us Dumb – You Think You Know?

I always think of this hypothetical situation; a situation where, given all you know today, how much or how long would it take you to implement/do by yourself any of what you know today? Imagine a situation where you are the first man on earth; with knowledge of what is existing today (2015), all in your head. You know that you can communicate with someone miles away with just a device we for example currently call a telephone. You also know that you can get to the moon, or you can fly in an object with wings, across the vast water bodies of the earth. Just imagine yourself knowing all these things existing today, the cure to most of the daily illnesses, or call it whatever level of technology we have achieved thus far. Now ask yourself, where would you start? What would you start with?

Let’s make it even more interesting; suppose there are more of you, let’s say one million of you, but among them all, it is only you who knows all these possibilities! You believe you have lived in a society (of 2015) with all this level of technology and so much ability. You know that there are people who speak different languages, or of different colours, and everything. You know that there exist other planets out there, and probably other forms of life. Still the question is, how do you go about it? How do you tell the stories? How do you convince the million people? How do you convince them that malaria is a result of mosquito bites? How do you even start telling them about electricity, vehicles, radios, computers or the internet?

Now let’s go past you trying to convince them of the possibility of all these things, let’s face the biggest challenge you shall have: How do you make drugs for example? From what materials is chloroquine made? In the scenario where you are solo, how would you make fire from scratch? Yeah, who of you has ever tried rubbing those sticks to actually make fire? This seems to be the easiest, but will turn out to be the hardest on your first day.  Probably by now you know that you actually don’t know! In the scenario where you are among the many who know not, you would have the opportunity to shine, by being the ‘re-inventor’ of most of the things that exist today. But that may not actually happen because you don’t know how to make any of the things that exist today from scratch! Do you?

Well, this is how far we have come as humans! I look at us as one system; a system with different contributors, from different parts of the world. A system that requires interdependence to survive, or to make any advancement; a system where everyone plays their part and the total of which adds up to make us all better! That’s the system we have become in the 21st Century. It is a system that still faces a few challenges of racism, discrimination, segregation and all those associated principles of inequality. But no doubt, the wave of interdependence in this century and beyond shall require us to cooperate and work together as a single system, unless we want to go back to living as cave men! We are continuously being challenged; it may not be in every part of the system, but remember that once a part of you is hurt, it may affect your progress or put you down completely! So, we have got to attend to all hurting parts of the system. The stomach may not worry about an injured toe, but it shall become a problem when you can no longer be able to walk to the kitchen to get that food that the stomach needs! So, in your comfort zones you look on as part of the world is suffering; you even facilitate that suffering in one way or another. But soon, the ripples of that misery shall reach you, and it shall be late!

I rest my case here.  I hope you play your role, however small it may be. You could start by sharing this and letting a friend know.

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