So you are a Good Guy? Tell me about it …

One day you shall wake up and realise that you have been putting all your eggs in one basket and that, that one basket cannot come to your rescue at the time you need it. You may be living your entire life in a single basket! There is no crime in having all your eggs in one basket; and neither is their shame in having a single skill or ability, as long as that skill is worthwhile! So, that moment when a close friend or whoever needs to be attended to is lying on the ground, fighting for their life, and in dire need of a doctor; and you are calling for help, imagine this:-

Someone comes up and says he can probably stop whatever ailment it is. Your first question will probably be, are you a doctor? Then she/he answers back; No, am not a doctor, but am a good person, I have never killed or robbed anyone, I obey the laws and regulations of this country. Would you let this person be in charge of treating your friend? Of course NO! Why, because being a good guy does not cut it; being an obedient citizen alone is not enough; having never robbed anyone doesn’t give you any skills to help out a bleeding person lying in the middle of the road! You need to have a far useful skill than just being a good guy, because there are plenty of good guys everywhere! Period. Being average is a convenient way of trying to fit in, because it gives you a feeling that you aren’t at the bottom; but neither are you at the TOP! You MUST acquire a singular set of skills that completely lie outside average. That’s what makes you stand from the rest and gives you an edge over others. A better example is in the field of academia and academic based employment. Several years ago having a bachelor’s degree was just enough to get you a comfortable placement in academia; fast forward to today and you shall realise that even a PhD is just a prerequisite for any academic oriented adventures. And the situation is similar in other professions! Or even other forms of money generating activities or engagements. The bottom is getting congested with people who want to stay average, and only a few are rising through the chaos to make it to the top! 

Getting to the top requires dedication; it requires consistence in whatever you are involved; it requires thinking outside the box and going against the norm! That’s what it takes to get to the top. It simply means getting out of your comfort zone and taking on something heads-on, with the intention to never let it win! It requires making yourself better and better each passing day. It’s about adopting a NEVER GIVE UP attitude and facing everything with enthusiasm and positivity, believing in whatever you are after! It is about waking up every day and going after that one thing as if your life depended on it.

But what do most people choose to do? They set out on such a quest, initially with so much vigour and motivation, and a few days later, the balloon effect sets in! This is usually the differentiating factor between those who eventually make it, and those who fail just at the beginning! The balloon effect is a recurring phenomenon in goal pursuit, it always comes in to check your dedication to whatever you are after, and if your intentions weren’t to get very far, you soon give up on that one thing you so much dreamed of! Be persistent, be better, and you shall get there!

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