Resilience Beyond, my Passion for change

My blog is where you get to take a peek into my mind on certain aspects of life, and well, we may agree or disagree on some; it is all a matter of perspective! Those who have interacted with me physically may have a different story altogether; and those who know a bit of my background would too have an interesting carry-home message. I am no expert at everything, but based on my experiences in life thus far, I believe I can make a synopsis of what’s possible for certain aspects of life. I am an active proponent of a resilient society, and hold a strong belief that the basis of a resilient community starts with a resilient individual. We are advancing greatly in technology as a means to secure a resilient environment, at least in terms of infrastructure. On the other hand, these efforts are useless if we don’t pay attention to the individual who is to directly benefit from the established infrastructure. It is true, social engineering systems are complex, but all share the same basic DNA. With a civil engineering background, I try to connect the two links, right from first principles. So, for now we learn the characters of the alphabet, and soon enough we shall be able to pronounce and spell even the harder words. There is no shame in attempting, but rather great regret in not having attempted at all.

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