The Balloon Effect and how it impacts on our Life goals

How the balloon imitates our daily life scenarios.

There are two points in our lives; one where we are so excited about doing something that we start it straight away, or the other one where you are no longer interested in doing any of that stuff that you once set out to do. You should be concerned about both times in your life.

When you are excited about everything, that’s when your balloon is fully inflated. Along the way, air drains out and one becomes incapable of doing the exciting stuff. You start procrastinating and finding all sorts of excuses not to do it now! This is the point you should worry about most. It is a natural law, and can be observed in every phenomenon.

The start of January probably sees the peaks of your inflated balloons, all aiming at fulfilling your year’s resolutions. By the end of January, the excitement is out for some. Everyone loses gas at some point; some very fast, and others very slowly. This is a determining factor whether you stay focussed to the things you initially set out to do or not.

It’s not easy, and no one said it was going to be easy anyway. We have all probably been there, experienced it and wondered why! We all feel down sometimes, we feel so low or become average, and oftentimes we get used to these situations (you shouldn’t). We get comfortable with our ‘worsening’ situations and hope that one day, things will change themselves – probably out of luck. Don’t wait for luck. If you do wait, at least prepare for it.

The process of how all this happens – of having so much confidence, hope, energies, motivation at the start, and then they start to diminish one by one, to push us back to our lowest levels, can be likened to the balloon effect! We have all probably seen, played with or used a balloon. Without air, a balloon is not fun to play with and one may lose interest in it quite soon. We normally have to inflate it first, and once this happens, the joy of seeing it rise above us is phenomenal. There is no single balloon that can ascend upwards without air or even be able to bounce back to the top once it hits the ground. That’s a balloon with air – fun to play with and brings us happiness.

In the context of our lives, the balloon effect determines how strong we can keep moving on. What we learn from this effect is to continuously keep our balloons inflated, and of course be careful not to burst them in the process. In reality, we face challenging situations every day, and to face them, we need motivation to stay focused on solving these daily concerns or most importantly achieving our goals. At some point in our life we feel so motivated (100%), and like the inflated balloon, as time passes we lose the morale to keep going. We cannot always have 100% motivation, but we however need a given threshold of motivation, hope, confidence, purpose and desire to keep moving towards the goals we aimed at when we were at 100% motivation.

The question at this point is how to continuously maintain motivation at threshold level. Well, this is at least not the hardest thing you will ever do in your life! How to keep the ‘balloon’ always inflated is a different topic altogether, and for now let’s keep in mind that we have the potential to re-inflate our lives back to threshold levels of happiness, hope, and continuous achievements.

And as you pump up your balloon, be wary of the comfort you get.

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