The Human mind: Why We Soon Give UP

It is not only necessary but also important to; at the earliest stage, identify roughly where you want to get headed in life. You must remember that you are in this alone. It is not like there are several of you trying to work on different pieces that will eventually fit together. Although, it is possible to divide your goal into several distinguishable parts (for easier management), it is not advisable to try to work them all at the same time. Those individuals who eventually find their passion in life always regret having discovered or engaged themselves late. Well, it’s never too late for them, they soon jump on to the wagon and celebrate their passion. It is interesting to know that actually only a few people end up doing the things they have passion for. The majority just end up somewhere and only follow others’ dreams.

This is no motivation article; it is just a small reminder to help you distinguish the two different paths that are at your disposal. If you are already inclined to the option of just living like the majority, and are comfortable with that, then just stay focussed at your job. Stop wasting your employer’s time opening up links that are only to distract you briefly. On the other hand, if you are the kind that is on the lookout for what’s truly yours, then stay rest assured that there is no stopping until you find that one thing your heart desires. It shall seem hard by all means! Even if it’s the thing you love doing. You shall want to do it better than anyone else in order to find financial sense or fulfilment out of it. Whatever it is, it shall seem crowded with so many people who can do better than you. It shall have many contenders and the path to the top shall seem more rugged than ever. All these challenges shall scare you back to your comfort zone. The weak-hearted individuals are eliminated at this stage! Those who feel have no other choice but to hit the waters, will keep going. At this stage, that small job you had/have shall seem far more fulfilling and safer than this thing you are/were trying to attempt. The question at this stage will be ‘how far are you willing to go?’, and for how long? What shall you give up? For me, as a student of the human mind, this is the most interesting part. It is the natural sieving process – for survival, or any goal achievement in life! This is usually the determining stage for any progress, as the paths thereafter are totally distinct.  The human mind is a masterpiece; it can either lift you up with immediate satisfaction in the short run, or quickly press the brakes the moment you think long-term. It shall put you at the crossroads the moment you think of saving financially, or glue your hand to the cookie jar, or any moment that makes it uncomfortable. It shall create all stories necessary to keep it in bed when your alarm goes off at 5:00am in the morning. I wonder on whose side it is?!

So, as you task yourself to dreams or goals that at the moment seem far out of reach, know that this moment (of giving up) shall often cross your path and try to bring you down. If you choose to listen to it, you won’t be any different from that individual who gave in at the beginning; in fact you shall even be worse off, with so much time having been wasted! But if you keep a deaf ear to whatever is trying to take you off course, and then keep implementing the necessary ingredients to your goals, the goalposts shall soon be within sight, and the ball shall be at a foot’s length!

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