The kinds of friends and people we find online

Our friends on Facebook

The kinds of friends and people we find online

Meet our friend Sarah; she is pretty and lovely. I know this because I have seen her photos on Facebook. Yesterday Sarah posted her half-naked picture on her Facebook and Instagram. I know because Sarah is a mutual friend of ours. Her recent post has got so many likes. There are a few comments, most of them saying how hot she is. Sarah always replies with “Thanks so and so”. Most comments and likes are from males.

Meet Isaac, a young and seemingly accomplished man. I can tell from his timeline. He keeps posting pictures of himself standing next to big and nice cars, always exposing his money. He seems to have challenges counting his money. Many posts of his show foreign currencies with tags like ‘How much is this?’, ‘Who wants some dollars?’ and the likes.

Meet Sophia, she is our friend too. She is rarely online. I last saw her online when she was replying to my birthday wishes. Probably I shall see her again next year. Hopefully Facebook shall remind me. Sophia recently changed her profile picture to her little baby’s. That’s how I got to know that she gave birth a few months back. Congs Sophia!

Norman isn’t my Facebook friend, but is always tagged in Isaac’s posts, along with 40 other friends. I wonder why Isaac always tags his friends in a post that’s completely unrelated. It baffles me. He does the same when he visits exotic places around town. ‘With so and so, at such and such a place’, even when he is alone there!

I shall also tell you about Claire. Claire shares every post she finds on Facebook. Even posts she has not understood or clearly read. She never writes posts of her own, she only shares other people’s. Probably she saves them for later consumption, may be. I like her anyways; she helps me see what’s happening elsewhere when she shares.

 Eddy is my friend, in real life and on Facebook; we actually see each other almost every day. I always see him online. He sends me all the cool stuff on Facebook that I might have missed; that’s all what fills our chats. He too rarely posts anything online. Probably he is just an observer of what’s happening around the world through social media.

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  • Joseph Batte

    And let us not forget about Sheila, she is always on line, but rarely posts anything. Sometimes, I wonder why, but other days am like, she may be just shy

  • Hahaha, I have met Sheila, she could be shy actually … or just not sure of what to say!

  • Joseph Batte

    At first, I thought she was selfish, but later found out, she was a decent human being…