The NEXT BIG THING and HOW you can OWN it

You have probably had enough of the motivation and inspiration to get you off your butt and start doing something for yourself finally. You have also come to realise that indeed setting out a goal, having a clear strategy on how to achieve it, and being determined and motivated to achieve it, is not one of the ways, but rather the only sure way to achieve your goals. You may now have left the comfort zone and have set out on a journey of temporary discomfort, headed to your next BIG THING! Well, that’s great, and indeed encouraging! It is in fact a big step, and congratulations on putting yourself in the crosshairs, of being labelled a failure or a winner! And before you even think about undoing your decision, just know that you shall be winning yourself the name ‘coward’; and yes, because you shall deserve it. I can now hear your brain trying hard to convince you that you won’t be the first; and neither shall you be the last! Actually, if you agree with your brain on the latter, you don’t have to continue reading this. Just stop here and get back to whatever you were doing, coward.

Now that we have only those brave enough to experience a brief moment of discomfort for the things they so much desire, we can go into the details of how to realise that BIG IDEA. For those of you still hanging in the comfort zone of your present life, there is no shame in continuing to read this, as long as you believe that there is still hope to move on from the comfort zone; probably you are just stuck in looking for the next big thing? Like the comfort zone, so many individuals get stuck in the ‘looking for the next big idea’ loop. You have spent so much time trying to figure out what to do. What you have failed to understand is that sometimes you cannot re-invent the wheel; but you can put four wheels on a cart and make a car! And as sarcastic as it might sound, you cannot re-invent the car either; but you can take man away from the steering wheel and make it a self-driving car! So, for the many individuals still stuck in that loop, of trying to re-invent the wheel, look around you and use the so many already invented wheels to re-invent yourself! We are in the 21st century, 7 billion of us, and our current level of interdependence has not been witnessed on such a scale in human history! The world currently provides a platform of so many possibilities. Take a moment to think about the people involved in making just a single unit of whichever device from which you are reading this. Probably the designer of its software doesn’t even know where the material components come from; or who mines the materials; or who feeds the miners; and so on and on. That’s the world we live in today, and all around us, are possibilities. It is up to us to face up to the challenge, to use all the resources and opportunities around us. So, if you are still stuck in trying to figure out the next big thing, don’t spend so long there; start on what you already know, and feel are capable of; start by developing yourself, your personality, and create in you a life of RESILIENCE. These attributes will ensure that whatever BIG THING you are after doesn’t pass you by. This approach of developing the self first is basic, and means you shall have a template with which you can’t be set back to zero. Even if you are, a template of a resilient life means you would quickly get back to your feet! It would be equivalent to DNA in nature – perfection that has stood the test of time thus far! So, what excuse do you have now?

There is no tragedy in not being Mark, Larry, Bill Gates, or that guy in your backyard who recently developed an app that shall save millions of life. There is no shame either, in not having been Isaac Newton, Thomas Edson, Tesla, or whichever historical you think changed the world during their life. There is however, shame in you not having to conquer your fears of starting, or of continuing to do that one thing that eats up your mind most of the time. Yes, am talking about that idea or activity that gives you nightmares even during the day! So, whatever it is that crops up in your mind after reading that last sentence, don’t ignore it; it may not be the next big idea to change the world, but might be your NEXT BIG THING! Follow your dreams

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