The Sahara in you needs attention

The untapped Sahara in each of us

The Sahara in you that’s untapped and just waiting.

The only reason trees don’t grow in the desert is because there is no water! Take for example the Sahara desert in North Africa, much of it is dry land. Life is only largely supported where oases are. Water is necessary for life to exist. That’s why the presence of water at Mars has recently excited many scientists.

Going back to the Sahara desert, if we for example channelled all the waters of the Nile river into this dry land for a considerable period of time, we could rejuvenate a lot of life there and even grow a forest! Hypothetically it could work. We could do it, but we just can’t. Why? Because as much as it may sound interesting, it would be so challenging – even when it is possible! We just don’t want to task ourselves that much.

Let’s now look at the Sahara situation of your mind; of you lacking in ideas and yet full of potential! You have some seasonal rains or oases – times when you develop ideas that shine, and support life. Unlike the real Sahara desert, you actually know what you need to do to make it rain every day, but you just aren’t up for it. I mean, it would really be awesome to generate those great ideas, but it doesn’t come easy, and you aren’t ready for the hard work involved. That’s what it is, if simply put.

Truth is anybody can be successful, anyone can choose to be whatever they want to be. But what distinguishes them from those who actually do, are the choices they take on beyond just wanting! Just wanting is never enough; it is rather the consistent and unrelenting actions towards what you really want that shall release it for you.

When you hear of someone who tried something so many times and kept failing and eventually got it at the nth try, it should be a reminder that repetition is the mother of excellence. That’s why sportsmen do the same thing every day. In doing so, they develop their muscle memory and their activities become automated. They then gain a larger control of their environment, something necessary for their excellence. They keep practicing to the extent that their reflexes become built to do that one thing they practice every day. There is no way a newbie will beat them at their game!

Such is what happens when you choose to take on a given path in life, and decide that it’s where you want to achieve your success. You contribute efforts each day. Of course on day one, you are just like anybody; but the moment you choose to take it to day two, you stop being like anybody. And day two is not enough to make you a champion, you need to reach day 100, and don’t forget that the world’s best is at day 10,000. That’s the epitome of it. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a world class best at something. Yes, pick anything you want to become good at, give it that much time (or just come close enough), and you will be on your way. This is where the catch is!

Very few are willing to put in the hard work, they prefer to sit among the audience and wish that one day they shall miraculously wake up with such talent or amount of success. Sometimes it is not even talent; it is just that there is someone willing to do the hard work. Oftentimes, only attempting is enough to unearth the natural in you, and then everything shall start getting easy for you onwards. Minus trying, you lose such an opportunity, and we will never know, unfortunately.

Then there is the category of those who always claim that they can never do it, just because they have attempted a few times and failed. They even write it off their books. Of course the first few times are the hardest, and they are meant to be. Otherwise, how would only those interested get picked out? Only those who believe that they can, even after they have failed numerous times, are the ones who make it to the final round. Only the consistent and persistent ones; only the relentless ones!

You go on telling the world that the competition is high; that you aren’t getting your share of what is available; that you want to call it quits and try something else. My friend, competition is everywhere, and it’s only getting started. Just sit tight, know what your competitors are offering, and how yours is going to be different. If you do not have an edge over someone in competition, then why are you doing the same thing? You need an edge, a skill, a talent, a way of doing that is different from everybody. That’s how you shall get ahead and establish your own line of market that shall get you a share of what’s available. You start offering that, and become so good at it that you become the best in the industry. That’s the only trick there is to beating your competition – finding your edge over them and developing that.

Go get started. Go start watering your ideas. Go grow a forest in the Sahara! Let me know when the flowers start blossoming

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  • Joseph Batte

    When the competition gets high, I hold unto a fact that life ain’t a one way street ^_^