The String Theory of Time

String theory of time and life

The subject of time is a topic many people fail to comprehend. It is like we are on this infinite string that is continuously being pulled from its infinite roll, and along the way we jump on to this moving string at a specific point and begin our life! Once our time on the string is done, we jump off and we are no more. To even make it more interesting, we have got only one shot to be on this string. So, the moment you land here, that’s when you set out how you would want to maximise your presence on this string. What is even more interesting is that, no one knows how long they shall spend on earth. You can just get off, all of a sudden without any warning. Some are brave enough to literally jump off and end their presence on the string. Majority wish they never had to leave the string at all, not even those who believe in a promised life beyond.

My concern in this write-up is not about when you shall leave this string, but rather how you enjoy your presence while here. There are several postulations of a bigger POWER owning and controlling us, a power that keeps giving each of us a chance to be on the string, and eventually takes us off; and that this power is still responsible for whatever happens to us once we are off. Another postulation is that the string, just out of the blue came into existence, and that we just developed out of its basic components. May be at this point I should point out that this is not the ‘string theory’ famous among modern physicists, it is rather my basic understanding of what has for example happened from the moment you read the first word of this article until now! Yes, life happens throughout the motion of this string; and it has never stopped for as long as man has been noticing!

I have only been on this earth for just a couple of years, and apparently everyone who stays, does their part and gets off the scene. The good thing is that we can leave something behind for those who shall come when we are no more. All humanity and life forms existing today are totally relying on what the previous generations left behind; and it’s no doubt our duty and responsibility to do the same for those who shall come after. So, as we benefit from our stay here, and as our products (off springs) and other life forms too would love to equally benefit from staying here, we need to be mindful of each other’s existence. We must be willing to make some sacrifice and not behave as if we are the last to be here – even when we have no proof that we are not! As you live on this tiny string in the vast universe, remember that it is the only chance you’ve got and that you don’t have a scheduled departure time; but what’s definite is that you shall depart, for no one stays forever. You should thus, do what you do (whatever it is) with commitment, love, enthusiasm and that feeling of wanting to be the best you could ever be. You should aim at being the best you could ever be, having started from zero, until the ‘pull-er’ of the string throws you off.

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