Tragedy of Celebrity Worship, a lesson for You

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There is no tragedy in not being what many expect you to be. There is none. There is no tragedy in not achieving what you initially set out to do. And don’t get me wrong here; I’m not trying to back up your mediocrity. All I’m saying is that there is nothing wrong with becoming the person you truly believe in, in doing the things you truly enjoy!

And don’t be so fast to think that I’m on your side, I’m only here to remind you of your biggest challenge – of paying so much attention to what other people think of you; of trying to modify your life to fit other people’s; or trying so much to be like them in so many ways.

There is a difference, you can have a mentor, but don’t confuse them for a god. Don’t take them to be perfect; otherwise you shall get disappointed. It’s okay to have your favourite artist, may be because you connect with their kind of art, or maybe you are an artist yourself and are inclined to the same kind of art. Aren’t they now supposed to be your nemesis especially if you are within the same kind of industry and poach on the same group of people or customers?

But of course today’s article isn’t about those people who look at their mentors as a challenge. And by this I mean, you woke up one day and realised that you preferred doing certain things in a certain way (call it your talent), and then you searched around only to find that there are several other people doing the same thing. You then look out for the best of the best, and you decide to look up to that person. That person is better than you at what you do, and you want to become either as good as them or even far better than them. You basically want to reach your limits in your talents, to become the best you have ever wanted to be. That person (call them a mentor or whatever) is only a means of motivation, for you to know that it has been done before and can be done again and far better.

In our recent times, you have probably watched so many videos of that person doing whatever it is they do. Or you have found a way of interfacing with them and learning about how they have managed to excel at whatever the two of you have in common – same talent. You basically admire their style, but you aren’t seated and doing nothing about it, you are working on your style too. That person inspires you to do more, and you know that in future the world will be cheering you too, if you do your best, if you pursue your talent (or whatever you are good at doing) to be beyond the ordinary. And once again, there is no tragedy in doing so!

For the other category of individuals, who have only chosen to worship such mentors and pick no kind of motivation from their success, theirs is a different story. They only feed on the products of such successful individuals. You meet them at concerts, shouting at the mere sight of their idols. They are the people who would die to have a picture of their idols in view. They are the same people who want to associate themselves with those who have made it. They will want to dress up exactly like their celebrities. And again, don’t get me wrong here; there is no tragedy in doing as you like. There is however concern beyond the excitement, beyond the glamour in all its different avenues. When you go back to the confines of your own privacy, when that picture with your favourite artist has got all the likes it could ever get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever comments it derives in your social media engagements; when all that settles in and you look at your life – where you are and where you are headed. You had better have a real plan! In any case, there is still no tragedy in doing or being what people expect you to!

It’s okay to support those who are trying to realise their dreams, it is okay to have a certain inclination or preferences. It’s true these kinds of acts help motivate those individuals (celebrities). Your showing up in large numbers is great for them. It only means that their dreams are being realised. We should however pick a lesson; we should get motivation from participating in that. It should help kick us off our lazy butts and try to do something for ourselves.

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