To stay and fight, or accept defeat and surrender

You are in a battle, your enemy is taking you heads-on, and when you look back at your army, you have lost most of your men/fighters. A thought of surrendering is immediately generated in your brain and it lingers on for a while as you continue pressing the trigger and firing at your enemy. Another thought is telling you to keep fighting, and see how far you can go. It is telling you to keep shooting at your enemy until you take your final bullet or until you get shot down. Both thoughts are competing in your brain for dominance. Each wants to win; they too are fighting their own war in your head, forgetting that once you are down, they will have no fighting space. It is for this exact reason that they are fighting. They don’t care about you; they only care about their survival. They want to continue existing; they exactly know that their lifespan is dependent on your physical presence. They want to see you win, either by you surrendering or by you firing down your enemy! One of them knows that by you surrendering, they can somehow guarantee your future presence; the other is quite optimistic that if you kept pushing on, if you kept shooting with all your potential, you could win both wars! The war in your head, and the physical battle at hand! So, on whose side are you on? Well, it is so simple; you could just put down your gun, and then raise your hands in air and hand over yourself to your nemesis. Or you could ensure that you dodge all the bullets coming at you and then keep firing at your enemy and not missing! The latter may see your enemy`s knees at your feet, which is considered a win in present times. But still why take chances; there is even a possibility that you may not remain alive! That, even before you surrender, a bullet tears through your heart; and we would witness efforts wasted in battle. Oftentimes, as we are still wondering which decision to make, whether to fight on, or surrender, our enemy ends us by surprise. Our indecisiveness is often an opportunity for our enemy, since he catches us at our weakest – failure to decide moment! He finds us confused as to whether we should let go or continue holding on. Oftentimes we take too long to make even the easiest of decisions; decisions which we know we shall eventually have to take in the near future. We always keep procrastinating their due time, and in the process we hope that we shall have gained enough courage to face them, but we are often wrong about this. Our courage lies in taking smart decisions as soon as possible and sticking to them as long as we still believe in them. For someone who hopes to surrender after 90% of his fighters are down, there is no use going to the war! It is better for such a person to surrender at the onset of the war, than let 90% of his fighters perish for NOTHING. Likewise, for the individual who opts to fight till the end, a thought of surrendering shouldn’t be entertained in his head. Battles are won by individuals who believe they have won even before the actual battle begins. So, decide on which side of your thoughts you will be on, before your battle begins; and pick only battles you can win.

And now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

photo credit: N04/6529694675″>The Remagen Bridgehead – 7 March 1945 via photopin (license)

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  • Kekashiku

    The war is won inside our heads, and the physical battle only comes to prove this. Once we are confident of having won before we even start, then no doubt the physical struggle is just a matter of time passing.