We need to Evolve, on our own or by their way

The word is as you’ve read it! Evolve. While the scientific definition of this word may require a considerable amount of time to pass for evolution to be evident, by the end of this piece you shall have realised that it is a matter of turning on/off a switch!  Those who believe in scientific evolution will tell you how we were once sea creatures; and then we hopped onto land, and underwent so many other changes to be the people we are today. To cut the story short, you were once some living thing (using creature would imply creation, which contradicts evolution?) that could hardly mumble, and are now capable of speaking eloquently. The point is, you evolved to become the better version of you today, and you did it through even harder times than the present! The question now is: can we evolve and be different people altogether? Can we change our traits? Can we change our negative beliefs? Can we stop feeling sorry for ourselves? Can we become better? Can we? It’s now that I would like to borrow the phrase that took one African-American to the oval office; YES WE CAN! And, unlike our ancestors who took thousands of years to be like us, we can do this within a matter of seconds. To do this, we must, and I repeat, we MUST be ready to make a complete overhaul of our lives. Our brains will put up a lot of resistance at first, and you can’t blame them, they have become comfortable with the norm. The brain tends to forget that we have far bigger and better goals to achieve than the presently attained ones. To evolve, we must have all the pieces for our next life in place; that means we need to have an elaborate plan to follow and strictly adhere to, lest we fall back to whatever we are running away from.

Here is an interesting example: Let’s say twenty years ago you had this friend of yours with whom you were tight, but all of a sudden you lost touch completely, never to see each other until twenty years later today. To make this scenario even more interesting, let’s say you parted ways when you were just under ten years. You were young, innocent, and hardly knew what you wanted out of life. Twenty years later, you are both established men/women, probably with families, and your faces laden with an immense amount of life experiences – surely after twenty years, life has pretty much given you a picture of whatever there is. When the two of you finally meet and catch-up, and wonder at how much everything has changed for each of you, that’s when you realise that so much is possible.

There are two ways to evolve and be totally different people. One of them requires no effort at all, you just live, and as long as time passes, things will keep changing and you shall have no option but to follow suit. For certain things it shall even be mandatory that you evolve, else you face negative consequences. There is a saying that ‘if you can’t change, change will change you’. Evolving requires one to make significant changes in the long-run. The second option is one that is self-initiated. You take conscious efforts to become a totally different person. The reason for this is simple: you are tired of your current situation and you either want something better or different. In this article this second option is most important. You get to make personal decisions and determine your own strides. You have to get rid of those habits that would keep you back.

One important question to ask ourselves during all this breaking away process is; how far are we willing to go? Are we ready to continue acting on the steps necessary for our own evolution even when the going gets tougher? And it will; there will be moments where you shall feel it’s no use to continue doing the things you do. And yet these are the necessary things to convert you into the new person you want to be. The process of evolving won’t kill you, and no doubt it shall only make you stronger. The one thing that you need to be sure of is the kind of person you want to evolve to be. Stay focussed on becoming that person, and take all necessary steps to be that kind of individual.

Deep down you know what’s really bothering you, or what you are fighting with, or what you want to go after in life. ONLY you can take that necessary step and break the trend of what’s currently happening in your life, only you! Act now. Evolve now!

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