What do you DO EVERY DAY?

Every day should be how you want it to be

Ever wondered what makes us all different, especially in how we lead our lives? You wonder why some people are healthier than others; why there are richer and poorer people; exceling and failing people; and for the life beyond this, the possible difference that will exist? It all narrows down to the things we do every day and finally the cumulative effect of all our actions. Even what you may call sheer luck could be someone’s daily effort consciously or unconsciously. The characteristics of your daily thoughts, which later translate into your actions greatly influence your present lifestyles and future self.

Your daily routine usually involves a few hours of sleeping (about 6-8) and then the rest of the time is indeed conscious use of the body and mind. What you do in this 70% of your day determines how successful you become. If you spend your day doing nothing productive, how then do you expect to improve certain aspects of your life; especially if you have goals on the list?

Therefore, for the individuals who have set goals, what they do everyday determines how soon those goals can be achieved. Setting a goal means that you start working towards that goal. Someone who intends to get a degree for example starts from elementary school, building his/her knowledge and skills for several years and keeps progressing in academia to eventually get to the degree they aimed at. Similarly, an individual who aims at saving a given amount of money will start saving day after day, however little it may seem. Such people don’t expect to wake up one day and have their goals achieved; they however can see and witness the development and growth of their dreams; the growing bank account; the academic achievements; growing business; stable relationships and so many other outcomes of sticking to what one wants every day and contributing physical or mental effort in realizing it. Someone who intends to have a ‘given body shape’ will not achieve it by going to the gym in one day, but rather doing something every day in the direction to what they want.

The trick therefore is simple; set out what you want to achieve – whatever it may be, and then set out a workable schedule depending on your potential. At this point what separates you from your goal is how determined you are to contribute to its achievement every day. Negative results would only mean you are doing it the wrong way, in which case you may have to adjust or completely change strategy; but ultimately, faithfully adhering to your routine will get the results for you. This is the trick all those you look up to, have consistently applied in their lives. The difficult part however, can you stick to that routine? Yes, I mean beyond the first week or month or even a year. Depending on the situation, some results may be realised sooner than later, and that is usually motivating, but in some cases, results may take longer. Usually, it’s at this point that most people forfeit their dreams, they lose sight of the previously invested efforts/resources. The few who persist irrespective of the circumstances become those we continuously admire. So, what have you set out to do today? It had better be what will contribute to ‘you’ , a year, two or even 10 years from now.

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  • Joseph Batte

    But but, what happens if the routine is sort of boring?

  • Well, practice usually leads to mastery; what starts out as a boring routine leads to creative ideas to improve and continue doing the same thing while enjoying it. But all this usually points to the interest of the person. If it becomes boring, they are bound to find what isn’t, then they shall do that every day, and it shall define who they become! The trick is to find creative ways to make it fun! If someone wants to keep in shape and exercising seems to be sort of boring, they are bound to get back to the couch.

  • Joseph Batte

    True, I guess one needs to spice up the routine and make it exciting. Hahaha I consider exercising more of a hobby…

  • Good for you man! Many people take exercising to be a means to an end, and since it requires challenging oneself, they find it had to keep it going. However, if they were to view it the way you do (as a hobby), I guess it would become easier to do. Keep it up