What does it Really mean to be Self-made

Meaning of being self-made

What does it really mean to be self-made?

The definition of self-made comes with one’s initial conditions before they take themselves to a newer and much better level. It is more of transforming oneself from a poor or disadvantaged state to one of riches or full of advantages.

Being self-made means that at one point you know or own nothing and then transforming into someone who knows and owns a lot. There is pride in coming out as a self-made individual. You feel that owe all your success (financial, spiritual, academic, etc.) to no one but yourself. In reality this is not entirely correct. Many individuals and situations have probably shaped you into that kind of person you are today, and you owe it to them, at least part of it.

Well, some people have truly succeeded in life unaided; they have out of scratch pulled themselves out of the financial difficulties they faced. These are probably the people we tend to look up to. They tend to inspire us. But to be honest, there are more self-made individuals in other areas than in financial success alone.

When you choose to realize that your current situation is not what you want it to be, and that you prefer to be in a better situation, then the actions that you individually take are what will self-make you. In the process, you rely on your efforts, self-reminders; you capitalize on your abilities, and slowly but surely pull yourself up.

To be self-made means we rule out all the privileges that life could provide; such as being born in a rich family or even exceeding levels of talent. One starts out as having nothing, disadvantaged and poor, and then builds themselves (unaided) into greatness, wealth, abilities and so on.

Education gives you advantages, and so does birth. Whatever advantages these two directly give you may not count on your way to individual success. But if you choose to self-educate yourself and then base on the advantages you gain from that to achieve greater things, then that is unaided success.

To truly set out on a journey of elevating yourself from scratch, and be able to surpass expectations is a basic attribute of self-made individuals. It takes effort, consistence, and undying obsession with one’s goal to finally leap out of the cages of deprivation and failure.

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