What IF there was only one option: to succeed no matter what

What if you were at the end of the road? What if you have reached the wall and cannot go on anymore. What if all you had is finished, and what if there is no other way, except exerting your entire efforts as much as you can? What if the only option left is for you to give it your all, to exploit all the energies left in you. What if it’s a matter of life or death, and all the cards to be played have been exhausted? What if you were at the depths of the sea and were trying so hard to take that one breath. How long would you hold your breath? How much would you sacrifice in order to continue breathing, to go past that wall, to go past the end of the road, to devise other ingenious ways to escape any imminent danger?

Now, decide whatever you want to achieve in life and make it that one more breath you would want to catch; and make it that one thing that exists behind the wall; or make it that one thing that would help you escape any imminent danger. They say that if your dreams don’t scare you enough, then they aren’t big enough for you to worry. If what you are after doesn’t make you question your sanity, then it’s an average person`s dream, and can be achieved `easily`. No one runs away on seeing a cat and no one stays put on seeing a leopard; and yes, they are both cats! What if failure to achieve that one thing you desire so much were to lead to your death, how much effort would you put in to achieve it – to make sure that you don’t die.

There is a tendency for people to set out on a journey of achieving their goal and soon give up halfway or even when nearing the final destination. This is indeed a serious disease affecting most dreamers today. There are so many attractions/distractions today than they were a century back! We have been born in these times of plenty; a more than doubled world population and constrained world resources. The current times also present their opportunities, and those with agile minds can see past the present challenges. Nothing comes easily, not even luck! Those who get lucky have probably invested considerable efforts in channeling luck their way. One has to do their best; they have to exert their all, so that if luck is coming their way, it finds a prepared individual. Those who are not prepared soon lose out on their opportunity. This preparation would require one to give it their all; as much as would be necessary to escape away from any life threatening danger;  or as much as may be needed to go past that barrier. But usually this is not the case, and thereafter people often wonder why their goals are not being achieved.

Of course there is no guarantee that giving it your all will yield exactly what you want, and similarly, not doing so won’t show how much could have been achieved if all your best was invested. The reason why people give up soon is because of an existing alternative that they can easily fall back to in case whatever they are currently chasing doesn’t seem to yield any result. In a situation where there is no backup plan, a person will try as much as possible to make it work. The presence of a fall back plan always cripples our efforts, even the mere knowledge that it exists is a cause of consistent mental absenteeism of the necessary inputs to our goals. Remove any of these fall back options and then you shall soar; your mind won`t feel safe and will continuously seek options of keeping you going even when your body has given up!

So, the next time you set out to do something, you should make sure that you are ready to go the depth of its extents to get it achieved and not to be quickly averted by any slight challenges you meet along the way. The challenges and disappointments you encounter are supposed to re-direct you to how whatever you are after is to be achieved. Welcome your challenges and rise above them to get whatever you want! For indeed whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

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