What would Magufuli do? …and what he wouldn’t do

What would Magufuli do?

You have probably seen or even participated in answering that question and as it turns out, with a lot of humour. This article too is an attempt to answer what President Magufuli would do in such a patriotic turn of events. Below are excerpts which have been trending in the wake of this social media craze.

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Recently, some newly elected and sane president comes up and starts doing the right thing – something he is expected to do – to serve, because that’s his work; but because we ‘have been in a drought’ of such leaders, such service is seen as a miracle! But let’s be honest about this, isn’t it his obligation as the person in charge, to appropriate the country’s resources for the wellbeing of his people? And don’t get me wrong here, what he did and what he has set out to do are indeed noble endeavours and he deserves credit for that – especially since we have taken some time without witnessing such selflessness. And I hope he is doing it out of concern for the situation of his people, and also because he knows that is what is expected of him! Bravo President Magufuli. I hope your actions inspire several other leaders, especially in Africa. I also hope you stay on track, as we know of leaders who started out with good intentions and along the way lost the brilliant vision they once had for their country. I also hope you win more members on your side, members who share the same cause.

Doing what is ethical is our moral obligation, irrespective of whether we are in positions of leadership or not. If this becomes the norm, we shall have grown as a society. It then won’t be a question of who of the two (or three) ‘devils’ is a lesser ‘devil’; it shall be a choosing of the better among the good. Until then, we shall continue to treat the Magufulis as people we haven’t encountered in a while. And for those of us who are not yet there, we shall continue envying the Tanzanians’ choice of a president, and probably seek to find similar!

For you the reader, I guessed it would be fair enough to also know the other side of the question, ‘what Magufuli won’t do for you’! Let’s just summarise it into one sentence – he will drag the horse to the well, but won’t force it to drink. He shall put in place great systems, and institutions, but it will be up to you to respect them and make meaningful use of them. Don’t be the horse that puts up a resistance to his well calculated endeavours. In other words, do what he would do, plus what he wouldn’t do!

The take home message is ‘how can we do as Magufuli?’, or what can we do to get more Magufulis. And as you scroll down, ask yourself ‘what would (or wouldn’t) Magufuli do?’, then leave your view in the comments section.

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