What’s in stock for your 2016 and how mine has always been

Your 2016 and how to is for continued self-development

What’s in stock for your 2016 and how mine has always been.

The way I live my life may seem bizarre, especially if you try to understand it from the over 50 articles I have written in the last 10 months. Almost every year I surprise myself with something new, something I choose to commit to for each of the 365 days. It is usually no secret. Those who interact with me in my life get to know soon, if they are close enough. Or they even observe it from the way it changes certain aspects of my life. It is not like making a New Year’s resolution; it is more of getting in sync with a timescale most people relate to. It is me fitting bits into my long-term plan, of 5 to 10 years; a plan decided over 6 years ago.

So, in the last year (2015) I transformed into this motivational/Inspirational junkie, who got committed to writing something for anyone out there who needed something to look up to (or to cheer them up). I’m sure I needed it too, no doubt. I researched many topics during my free time, read over 15 books (both hardcover and eBooks), added in a spice of my interesting self, and got dedicated to delivering something new every weekend! It greatly transformed my view of life and how I do things on a daily basis.

In most of my writings I emphasize personal development, spice it up with bits of motivation, challenge your common thinking and potential, and call you to look beyond your current self and limitations. I also write reminding you that others have achieved similar to what you are after, and that you too can do the same if you concentrate your abilities. I give you tips on how to do it, and why you probably won’t achieve much with your current lifestyles.

In the previous year, 2014, I spent all the 365 days of it practicing something I started back in 2002, but this time in great detail. Every day before I slept, I would pull out my notebook and write every aspect of my day. Back in 2002 when I was still a junior high school student, I just used to write only my day’s schedule and any outstanding activity of the day. I used to track my daily expenditure and note down the day’s total in my notebook/diary. Recently in 2014, my journal was more detailed, noting almost 80% of what I did daily. Even that phone call from a long lost friend, or how the train got delayed, or how strange my stomach acted up! I wrote everything down in its chronological order of time.

2015 was different; I mostly read new books, wrote blogs and tried to become internet savvy. Since I tasked myself to start this blog, I also tasked myself to do it personally. I taught myself a few basics, learnt some html, php, and css coding languages. I discovered a lot in the process of doing all this. It was fun! I’m still not confident in a lot of things though. I’m continuously challenged from time to time, for example how I messed up things about one month ago.

Now 2016 is here, and as usual, I’m tasking myself bigger! Probably you may or may not be able to guess the direction I seem to be headed. But no doubt I shall tell it all along the course of the year 2016. Your 2016 and how to manage it is all up to you. Decide now!


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