Why Comfort is a Killer of Dreams

One thing we all agree is constant, is CHANGE. Our lives, and the way nature is crafted shows this very clearly. No doubt people always say that change is a fact of life. By the passage of time, everything gets to witness change. At least everyone capable of reading this is a living witness of this undeniable fact; given that at some point in time, you had no capacity to even pronounce the letter ‘a’, and no doubt with time you have come this far. This is a clear fact that nature never stops transforming us and itself in general. Life usually starts to get boring when the same things get done over and over; and soon the excitement dies out and no doubt the zeal to continue doing them. Of course this is an exception to the involuntary actions such as the beating of your heart or your breathing rhythm. If you have ever tried to breathe manually, you shall agree with me that you can’t sustain it for long!

In nature, we tend to feed on change; we aspire to see different, even when we only prefer to see the good part of it. We always want to keep climbing higher and higher – that’s our human nature. What is constant is oftentimes boring! We don’t want to be somewhere for so long, we thus choose to move forward. Sometimes in life, we make goals and get headed on a certain path to achieving these goals. It is no problem to take a short break along the way and restore your energies [call it re-fuelling] before the next steps. It only becomes a problem when you start getting the feeling that you have reached your final destination; that your resting place has become so comfortable and you feel there is no need to continue with the remaining part of your journey. May be most of you reading this are already getting comfortable at your resting places; may be others have moved down their goal to this resting place; or maybe you feel you should rest longer. Word of advice: DO NOT get comfortable at all at your brief stops, or temporary moments of relief. If you still feel that you desire to get to your initially set-out goal, ‘leave the engine running as you fuel up’. The human brain is a master piece and it shall shut down any efforts that tend to put it out of the comfort zone. Yes, let it set the terms of when you get hungry or when you desire some sleep or rest, but don’t let it lead you to situations where you won’t be comfortable in future or in the long run. It shall storm you with all excuses of why you shouldn’t go forward, of how now is better and taking the next step is risky. If you choose to listen to it, you won’t have the opportunity to see what’s ahead. And as you stay comfortable, the sun shall shine, and the rains shall come, days will pass and so shall the nights. And at the place where you once set out to finish, no one shall be! Keep moving and don’t get so comfortable. You shall do that when you reach your destiny, until you set out on a new journey beyond the present. See you at the finish line

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