Why we must question the purpose of our life everyday

The purpose of life

Why we must question the purpose of our life everyday.

This life we live is nothing more than a test of our abilities, our mindsets and our resilience. Right from the word go, we are racing to keep the oxygen circulating through our blood, and the hearts beating as much. All these drive one big machine that sits in our heads. From it, the instructions flow down to all parts of ourselves. It defines every aspect of our life, and goes on to influence and affect the lives of others through how we relate with them. What a masterpiece! Such a miracle! I refuse to accord such ingenuity to a mere passage of time and influence of the environment. I choose to believe the sole design of a greater power.

It is easy to fail a question in which the answer is mentioned. It is much easier to try and philosophise even when all the facts are clearly before you.

This is what we have to understand. Let’s start with the basics and known facts: You are born incapable and without knowledge, you then start being part of the greater system that eventually shapes the kind of person you turn out to be. And then you die! Those are the facts we clearly know and no one has escaped any of those. There is only entry and exit. Once in, you gather experiences, grow fond of the place, and generally live life, and you come to love it so much that you resist leaving. But as a fact of life, you eventually have to go to the next step. I have no experience of the next step or even remember anything of who I was before coming into life. All I know is the present and how it has shaped the person I have turned out to be. That I can talk about. I can tell you what to and what not to, as you go through this intermediate step of living.

Once you start breathing on your own, and umbilical cord is of no more help, your struggle begins. You start to have an independent experience. You are a child and are remotely assisted by those around you. They do this until such a time when you can do a lot on your own. By this age, the biggest influence from others has already been extended to you. You basically are now a follower of the dos and don’ts of the society you live in. These are basically the same everywhere. They then become what people call culture, or way of life.

Life starts to become more interesting when you realise that everything around you is the work of generations that have existed in the past, and that we are just contributing to that and we shall hand it over to the next lot. It is all something bigger than we know or want to believe. The biggest question until now, and for every individual life is: what are you leaving behind and what is your purpose here? What’s your impact going to be? What kind of experiences do you want to go with or leave behind for others? What kind of accountability will you have beyond this present life?

Fact is, no one is going to decide that for you! You MUST decide it on your own and realise its fulfilment for as long as life still exists in you. It is your responsibility to do so, and probably as a payment for using what you found existing! You must question your life’s purpose.

What you choose had better be something you love doing. It had better be something exciting for you. It had better be unique to you. Define your objective in this life, and go on to dedicate your time and efforts to fulfilling that. Dedicate your energies to doing that one thing, until such a time when you find fulfilment in it. What you decide to do had better not deny others the right to live, or take away their freedom. Let your actions bring goodness in society; let them leave this place better than you found it.

Go on, question your life’s purpose, go on and dream big, for there is no dream out of reach for the persistent dreamer.

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