Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Anyone But YOURSELF first

The rule is simple; it’s not the most active individuals that find things easier, it is the most silent ones who know exactly how easy everything is supposed to be! In silence, they observe and make note; and are able to comprehend all that’s taking place. It is often necessary that one keeps silent and immobile and try to listen to their inner self. Inside us is a voice that’s always calling out to tell us what`s coming ahead. The inner voice is rarely listened to; it is often silenced by our premature actions, our speed of doing things and our failure to pay close attention to the close details of our lives. Get away from the crowd and find yourself in a quiet environment where you shall be in harmony with the universe and listen to your inner voices and feeling. The inner voice is our system’s feedback loop! Those second thoughts we get while making or having made a decision are usually responses of our inner voice telling us to act otherwise or to fully go in 100%. Some people tend to say “follow your heart”; this is not necessarily always true. The `heart` makes decisions based on your life history. It often times may be right. Your inner voice however is based on the situation at hand; it compares with your life history too, but makes an analysis of your future self as well! As if `seeing beyond` the present, and thus is able to make reasonable decisions based on all your life’s data.

In situations that require you to act quickly, this inner voice turns off other decision-making faculties and takes charge of your life and ensures your safety/ well-being. It thus becomes evident that this inner voice or whatever term you may want to call it is super effective and always has the upper hand in all situations. It is the same impulse that takes charge of us when we go to sleep or when in the unconscious state. it is the subconscious mind, and is what controls more than 90% of your body functions or activities. Certain individuals have learned to harvest this tremendous power of the inner voice by learning to speak back to it and give it instructions on what to do. The results of this are what so many refer to as genius or `superpower` abilities. Reaching out to our inner voice surely starts with one understanding themselves and how everything around them works. Slowly by slowly and by a conscious effort they decide what kind of direction they want their lives to lead. It is more like going back to the drawing board and redesigning your life having considered where you have been, where you are, and where you want to get headed. You also have a clue of which route will lead you to where you want to be, and choose to consciously imprint this route in mind and start giving directions to your inner voice (subconscious mind) to lead you to that destination. The conditions upon which your success shall be based will totally depend on how much you believe of where you are headed. Oftentimes people want to get somewhere but they aren’t so sure of where. They end up confusing their inner voice by giving it so many options to go to. This leads to nowhere eventually; you cannot be in different locations at the same time.

The trick is thus simple; you choose where you want to be and then make that your only option and leave the rest to your subconscious mind to figure out. You must however do as the instructions come in from your subconscious mind. All the instructions from your inner voice will be asking you to go an extra step; to do more; to read more books; to do more training; to spend more sleepless nights; and to think more differently! And if you really believe in whatever you chose as your target, then all this won’t be hard. The moment you start feeling that where you are headed is going to be tough for you, then it means you`ve got to go an extra mile in reviewing your target goal. The tough times will be more frequent, to test your devotion to whatever you are after. And if you are persistent, and hold on despite the challenges, you shall be headed for your target! Learn from everything that comes your way, because in them lies the lessons not only for you, but for others who shall come after you. The resilience you develop along the way is supposed to sustain you once you reach the top.

Keep an open ear and always listen to yourself.

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