You are just a COWARD, or aren’t you?

It is always easier to stay in our comfort zones than try to explore a different or new zone. But while in our comfort zone, what troubles us most is the feeling that things aren’t changing in our lives, the feeling that we actually want to get from one step to another. We however stay put and keep admiring those who have risked taking a new step. It’s like we are all at the bridge and waiting to see who crosses first. We are quick to give advice to someone on how to go about it, and yet we keep back, scared to take our first step. We are the kinds that are spectators and quick to criticize mistakes the players make. That’s the reality of our situation. We are just cheering them on if they do well, and we are quick to torment them the moment they fail. Don’t deny this; you have at one point done it or felt like you have the right to do it. For the football lovers or lovers of any game, you often notice when a player doesn’t do the thing which would have resulted into best play (at least in your mind). You even think the coach should have pulled out so and so and replaced him/her with person X. Do you actually think that if you stepped on the playground you would do better? I don’t think so. We are always trying to be experts of other people`s actions. We are quick to provide solutions to their work, to show them that, if they did it our way, they would do better. In reality someone else feels the same for the work you are doing. They want you to change something, the same way you want them to change something. It all comes from everyone looking for perfection. Wanting people to do things our way; forgetting that we are all different. It is this difference that makes our lives worth living. As we seek to see perfection in other people, in reality we are trying to wish we were like them. It isn’t true actually, since we can’t get to do the things they are doing the same way. We can only imitate their ways, and oftentimes we are just COWARDS! We are stuck in our comfort zones, afraid to try anything and here we are giving advice to the people who are trying. Advice is good as it helps someone to improve but as you give it, put yourself in perspective. Ask yourself whether you have got out of your comfort zone to do something upon which someone will give advice. If we are able to go past this (of only giving advice), and escape our fears to face that one thing that we wish we could do if there were no risks or if we are not afraid at all, then we would be on our way. In reality if we did this, it could be the thing which pulls us to greater heights and probably put mankind in a better place. But have we done anything? No! And yet we still sit in the comfort of our homes and expect others to discover the cure to Cancers, HIV and other 21st century worldwide challenges. Even ending world hunger could be a solution that’s untapped in your brain. We all know that it`s better for us to better our current situation, and we also know the exact thing(s) we need to do; but we just don’t do it! Even when we start, we give up so fast! That’s the kind of people we are. Only a few individuals are going through the sieve, and making it to the top, only because they keep pushing on and never give up! That’s the only trick, to do and do, even when we don’t feel like doing the thing we know is right! We can only appreciate our resilience in future, when the results have become greatly noticeable! Of course your small daily efforts are creating small results every day; problem is, we expect to see the big result as soon we start! The bamboo tree is a good example of how long-term sowing of efforts can sprout into greatness/strength once the foundation has been laid. Your first day at the gym won`t make you lose any significant weight; but continuous visiting of the gym will reveal its results in the long-term. The point here is to stop being cowards and to get out of our comfort zones to do the things that challenge us; and once we start, we shouldn’t succumb to failures. Failure is usually what makes it exciting; it is the thing that makes you want to try it over and over. Now that you know, go and do the world proud.

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