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moral authority

Why make an exception of yourself?

People tend to make exceptions of themselves. They hold other people to moral codes that they aren’t willing to follow themselves. For example, people tend to think that if they tell a lie, it’s because it was absolutely necessary. But if someone else tells a lie, it means they are dishonest! So never make an exception of yourself. We are in this universe and ideally there is only one moral code; our instinctive regurgitation of harmonised living. It is upon this that everyone else should be collectively held against. Society is dynamic and at every stage, a given set of moral codes gets updated to still hold each of us to the basic requirements of harmonious living. Anything that disrupts this system goes against an established moral standard (defined or not). This standardised moral code would imply that there is no single exception for anyone and that there is no tendency for people to break a given code and expect other people to live by that said code.

What is the reality?

What we however witness and probably the main cause of havoc in every pretentious system established by man is that not all animals are equal. Despite claiming to propagate a system that clearly states that all men are equal, we see a lot of the self-proclaimed individuals who want to stand above the set code of conduct. It is understandable if society by collective attribution grants such titles to men, but for a single individual (despite their prowess) to come up and expect to be above the norm by virtue of their apparent and ego based feelings (call them whatever makes man feel above the rest) is inconceivable. This kind of behaviour only creates an avalanche of similar, because once it is granted, everyone else wants to be treated the same way. Of course according everyone this kind of treatment is no problem if society can afford it; but if it costs any given amount of resources, then society will be set in an imbalance which the lower part of society will be tasked to accommodate. But are they willing to do this? I wonder!

So, the next time you are giving yourself an excuse for doing or not doing something, put yourself under the same lenses as you would put others.

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