Your Singular Taste Vs Your Social Orientation or Peer pressure

We always tend to believe that each of us has a mind of their own. We also negate the idea that we can easily be influenced by others to take on action that we would otherwise not take on had we been by ourselves. As we grow up we are cautioned about peer pressure, and no doubt it has its positive or negative consequences; either of which becomes our life experiences. The people around us give us a lot of energy and make us feel like we are all up for one big cause or idea, however silly or genius it might be. When we get back to the confines of our singular being, and really give this idea or big cause a long thought, what we discover is either a feeling of remorse or excitement. Of course this all depends on whatever you are up for or against. The desire to fit in is one of the reasons we behave in a certain way or are quick to be associated with a certain group of people. Acceptance by society and desire to be part of something big, all push us to do things that sometimes don’t match our true tastes. We end up becoming followers, and not necessarily at the forefront of whichever group or idea we are trailing. Of course we all can’t be in the driving seat, but at least we should have a clue of where we are headed, and also be able to quickly recognise whenever we are getting off course. No doubt this is preferred to blind follower-ship.

Well, we all agree that everything around us is influenced by the society we live in. Everything you say, and how you say it tells a lot about the kind of things that catch your attention, and the quality of people you often engage with. The decisions we make are often related to the bigger picture of our societies or nearest neighbours. We often convince ourselves that our actions are purely ours and not influenced by anyone, but we are often wrong. Take a moment to ponder upon the things you have done before, or are still doing. Is there any direct influence of your society? You may be quick to deny how society affects every part of you, but if you look deeper, you shall find several pointers to explain this aspect of ourselves. They say birds of the same feathers flock together, and you surely know the kinds of birds you flock with. You are stealthily getting acclimatised into the behaviour of the entire flock and soon enough you shall take on all their traits. You may be surprised by the things you may take on – things like body size, life principles, attitudes and so many dominant characters. In principle, soon or later uniformity takes course, stretching across all attributes of our lives. You end up taking on behaviour that was previously foreign to you. That’s the power others have over you, and you had better critically think about who you give that authority to. Think about your singular tastes first.

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